James Surveys Future Home

North Carolina's newest 2012 hoops commitment, Joel James, took his official visit to Chapel Hill this past weekend.

"The visit was great," James said of his trip. "I talked with the players, played in some pick-up games and talked with Coach and his wife over a meal."

James said the atmosphere was among things that he enjoyed during his two full days on campus.

"[I just like] the overall atmosphere of the school," he said. "It's so nice and refreshing."

The facilities also stood out to the 6-11 center.

"They are the best of the best," he said. "It can't get any better when asking for a basketball school."

Playing with the current Tar Heels helped James realize he can bring something different to their team when he gets to campus.

"I felt I can be a good fit because of my style of play," he said. "They are long players that are slim and I'm a large-bodied banger in the post."

"I'm extremely excited," he added. "I feel like I can bring something they haven't had in a long time to the team and that's a big body – a strong banging type guy."

Since it was his first in-depth trip to the campus, this was James' first chance to spend time with the Carolina players. He said he liked their personalities, but was more impressed with their work ethics.

"They are great guys," James said. "They are funny and cool to hang around. But when it's time to work they're as serious as a heart attack and it shows how their work pays off."

While his meeting with Roy Williams went well, James was quick to highlight the cooking of Williams's wife, Wanda.

"It was great," he said. "He's a nice man and he's a great coach as well. And his wife makes the best waffles."

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