Jiles Commits

After allowing a few weeks for the impact of his official visit to settle in, T.J. Jiles verbally committed to North Carolina on Monday night. He spoke in-depth with InsideCarolina.com about his decision ...

"[My mom and I] just got off the phone with the coaches," Jiles said. "We're really interested in the school, so I verbally committed to them. I really liked the school so much when I visited. I was already interested in being a Tar Heel, so I decided to get my recruitment over with and make a decision."

Jiles, a 6-foot, 175-pound cornerback from Cape Coral (Fla.), officially visited UNC almost a month ago for the Virginia game.

"The official visit played a big role," Jiles said. "I knew the coaches were good, but I hadn't gotten a chance to meet any of them except Coach [Troy] Douglas. [During the visit], I got to meet the rest of the coaches and see how they treat the players and I got to see the area and I felt comfortable there."

Not wanting to make a quick decision, Jiles decided to go home and discuss the situation with his mother before making a verbal commitment.

"I wanted to make sure I wouldn't be better off at another school or a different location," Jiles said.

Once he was sure, Jiles called UNC on Monday and spoke to every member of the coaching staff and told them the news.

"They were all excited," Jiles said. "They said the coaches were jumping off walls. They were real happy."

Jiles said the coaching staff was the biggest reason for him selecting UNC.

"I really loved the coaches," Jiles said. "They were down to earth and kept it real with me and told me the truth.

"I love the location – the distance is not far from home. It has a great education reputation."

Jiles reflected further on his memorable official visit to Chapel Hill.

"I ate a lot," he said. "I got to watch the game, talk to the coaches, meet some of the players, walk around the city, see the college life, the dorms, classrooms."

Much of Jiles' visit revolved around the UNC-Virginia game.

"It was incredible," Jiles said. "The crowd was so loud – they're diehard fans. It had to be below 70 degrees and people were out there with no shirts with painted ‘UNC' on their chests."

During the visit, Jiles spoke a lot with each member of the coaching staff, including the customary official visit-ending meeting with Withers.

"We talked about recruiting and how interested in the school I was," Jiles said. "We talked about all the schools that I would be interested in and playing time, how I would fit into the program."

Although he stars at both wide receiver and cornerback for Cape Coral, UNC, like most schools, is recruiting Jiles as a cornerback.

"[Withers] said if I come in and work hard and give my best on the field, I'll play," Jiles said. "He's not going to red-shirt you just because you're a freshman. I really liked hearing that, because if I'm ready, I want to play – I don't want to be red-shirted so I can sit in college another year."

Fellow defensive back and southwest Florida native Tre Boston served as Jiles player host for the weekend. Jiles and Boston have been friends for a while.

"It was more comfortable being around someone I know personally," Jiles said. "Things went smoother and easier. You just knew we were on the same page – he knew what I wanted to do, where I wanted to hang out. It was a better deal than going around with someone I didn't already know."

With all that said, Jiles said he still plans on officially visiting Wake Forest later this season as a fallback plan in case of any unexpected changes at UNC, such as with the coaching staff.

"I don't know as much about Wake Forest, so I don't know [if Wake Forest is capable of pulling me from UNC]," Jiles said.

Jiles said he also has a slight interest in Central Florida and Purdue – both of which has already visited.

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