Redmond Considering Official Visit

In spite of his verbal commitment to Mississippi State, Will Redmond is contemplating officially visiting North Carolina.

"I have to talk to my coach," Redmond said. "[UNC] wants me to come down there to do an official down there and I'm considering it. But I'm going down to Mississippi State this weekend and I'm going to talk to Coach about it."

Redmond, a 6-foot, 176-pound cornerback from Memphis (Tenn.) East, says if he's given the "okay" he'll schedule an official visit with UNC.

UNC isn't the only school that has continued to recruit Redmond. Just about every school that was recruiting him prior to his commitment, plus Georgia, has continued to pursue him.

Outside of UNC, though, Redmond is unsure which – if any – schools would receive an official visit if Mississippi State grants him clearance. Furthermore, he's uncertain when those official visits would take place.

"It depends on what goes on with my [high school] team," Redmond said. "As of right now, I don't see any [official visits] being taken during the season. We have a lot going on as far as trying to reach the playoffs."

A few weeks after camping at UNC back in June, Redmond declared the Tar Heels his favorite school. However, days before his collegiate announcement press conference, Butch Davis was unexpectedly dismissed.

"Coach Davis really made me into North Carolina," Redmond said. "So when he left, I felt like the team was going downhill, because he was really rebuilding that program."

Although Davis's dismissal may have made his collegiate decision easier, Redmond believes the outcome – committing to Mississippi State – would have likely been the same.

"I don't think it would have changed a lot," Redmond said. "But I wouldn't have been like ‘Oh well, I'm not going to North Carolina.' I probably would have pushed my decision back some just to find out what they were going to do [with regards to the NCAA investigation]."

Interim head coach Everett Withers has attempted to prove that UNC is still a program on the rise through his communication with Redmond and on field production – the Tar Heels are 5-1.

"I talk to Coach Withers a lot," Redmond said. "I hear from them a lot whether it's mail or it's a phone call. We just talk about North Carolina and how they're going to get a lot of stuff straight. He said don't worry about what's going on there and don't listen to everything that's in the media."

Under Davis, Withers recruited the Memphis area for UNC and also worked closely with Redmond when he attended the Tar Heels summer camp.

"[Withers and I] have a good relationship," Redmond said. "He stays on me a lot, as far as recruiting-wise. We have a great relationship – we talk about football and other stuff."

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