Peach Jam: Sean May outduels Shelden Williams

Sean May


Sean May vs. Shelden Williams. 6-8, 260 pounds vs. 6-9, 240 pounds.

This was the biggest morning matchup on the first day of the Peach Jam today, in Augusta, Ga. - and May was the better blue-chip recruit on this day.

The Indiana native, playing for Bloomington Red, used his power and quickness to score 23 points and grab nine rebounds.

For a player his size, May displayed exceptional skills. On the blocks, he scored with solid post moves. From the perimeter, he dribbled by his defender and finished with his soft touch. He even stepped out and hit the perimeter jumper - including the three. And when the defense swarmed him, he made great looks to open teammates (four assists).

"I thought I played all right," May said.

If he was only "all right" this morning, then one can only imagine what a "great" performance would be under his standards.

Williams scored 20 points, but his points came mostly from dunks and the free throw line.

May only guarded Williams in the second half, but certainly held him in check, though he said afterward that he's capable of a much better defensive performance.

Sitting at center court was Matt Doherty and Doug Wojcik.

May said the Tar Heels are one of the two schools that are atop his list - the other being the hometown Hoosiers.

"I got a chance to talk to Coach Doherty on the phone last week," May said. "He had a lot of great things to say. The spot that's open at Carolina is the four, and that's where I want to come in and play."

He plans to take an official visit in September to Chapel Hill and decide in November.

"Rashad [McCants] tells me all the time how beautiful North Carolina is and that it's a great place to play," May said.

May said that while a scholarship offer hasn't been officially extended, he assumes it will be.

He admitted that Indiana will be tough to beat. Can the Tar Heels really beat out the Hoosiers?

"If it's true that [Chapel Hill]'s a beautiful place and I like the players after hanging out with them - and that's the type of players I want to be with for the next four players - then that'll determine it."

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