ABCD: Jason Fraser

Jason Fraser


Jason Fraser had two difficult battles on Sunday at the ABCD Camp.

In the afternoon, he squared off against NBA-bound Sani Ibrahim. Then in the evening, his opponent was West Coast star center DeAngelo Collins.

There was no clear winner or loser in either battle, and Fraser played each matchup with a workman-like approach.

"I try to go down low and establish myself; try to set picks and open up the court more," he said. "When you set picks, that's how things open up and you get the ball."

Fraser averaged 9.0 points and 5.5 rebounds in the two games, and as was visible, he noted that he has shown some improvement over the course of the AAU season, thus far.

"I've been working on my ball handling, my jumpshot and have been in the weight room, he said. "Everything's getting better."

Fraser is developing an offensive game, though he at times he can appear awkward with odd-looking turnarounds and forced shots against stellar defenders. He has a nice shooting touch and can hit an uncontested face-up jumpter out beyond the three-point line. By stretching his game out to the perimeter, Fraser is becoming a more versatile frontcourt talent.

"I want to play center, but I've been working on my outside game," he said. "If I go to a school that has a great center, then I could slide over to power [forward], but my heart is defense and being in the paint."

And on defense is where he's at his best, blocking shots and starting the fast break. He can also outrun guards, and certainly opposing centers, upcourt.

On the college front, he confirmed that he has received a qualifying SAT score and is aiming to make a decision by mid-August to early September.

Fraser recently visited Villanova for the first time and explained that he's had a relationship with new Wildcat head coach Jay Wright since his freshman year of high school.

Fraser said the frontrunners (in no particular order) are Villanova, UNC and St. John's, with UConn and Maryland still under consideration.

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