ABCD: Curtis Sumpter

Curtis Sumpter


Curtis Sumpter was matched up against Lenny Cooke on Sunday evening -- a familiar, and very difficult, opponent.

"I was playing against my boy, Lenny, and he outdid me this game," he said.

Though Sumpter certainly held his own, scoring 11 points to Cooke's 19. Sumpter hit a few jumpshots and drove hard to the basket, often drawing a foul and a pair of free throws.

We sat down with him postgame for a brief interview.

Curtis on Curtis -- "I'm hard working, relentless on the glass, play defense, can score inside-outside and can guard big and small opponents. Coaches say I'm real versatile after seeing me play against top big men. I love the challenge of playing against top players - I take it real seriously. I don't want nobody scoring on me! ... just so happens that it didn't go that way today [against Lenny]."

Needs Improvement -- "I need to work on my handle. I'm hearing my shot is suspect, but I don't think so - it's going in."

The Internet -- "My mom seems to be on the Internet all day. She prints out things and brings them home for motivation."

Recent visit to Villanova -- "I enjoyed it a lot. They've got a great coaching staff that will make you better."

School list -- "I haven't narrowed it down, but I'm going to need to soon."

The Tar Heels -- "I love North Carolina. They have a great reputation - send a lot of players into the Draft - and a lot of history, and I'd like to be a part of that."

Role in college -- "[The UNC staff] mailed me a depth chart to show me where I'd fit in - at small forward."

Has Carolina offered a scholarship? -- "Yes."

Close to qualifying? -- "Yeah, I'm close."

Are schools waiting for you to qualify before accepting a commitment? -- "I know North Carolina and Villanova are. I haven't talked to the other schools about that."

Next chance at qualifying -- "I take my SATs again in the fall."

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