ABCD: The Stewart Twins -- NOT Committed to UNC


Lodrick and Rodrick Stewart

The story spread like wildfire on Monday morning across the Internet and the wire services: The Stewart twins accepted an offer to play at Carolina.

Except there was one problem - the story was wrong.

Rodrick and Lodrick Stewart were not offered a scholarship by the Tar Heels and had not made a formal commitment. The rising junior identical twin guards from Seattle are lifelong Carolina fans and have made it known that they want to play college ball together in Chapel Hill, but their recruitment is nowhere near a done deal.

"We didn't commit to them, but that's our first choice," Rodrick said. "That's the only college I want to go to."

Lodrick confirmed: "That's where we want to go, but we didn't get a scholarship yet."

While in Chapel Hill for the Tournament of Champions over Memorial Day Weekend, the Stewarts toured the campus and spoke with head coach Matt Doherty.

"He said if we keep playing hard we'd get a chance to play for Carolina," Lodrick said.

Rodrick added: "[Doherty] said 'you guys would fit right in with the program.'

And, while Doherty may watch the Stewarts in Teaneck later this week, the Tar Heels' head coach has not yet seen the twins play in person, only video tape.

Meanwhile, the Stewarts are having a difficult time at the ABCD Camp. This is the first time in their lives that they've played competitive basketball and not been on the same team.

"It's hard," they both said, dejectedly.

In addition, this is the first all-star camp they've attended and it has been a frustrating experience. To put up big numbers at a camp like ABCD requires extra assertiveness and a good deal of selfishness - which the Stewarts aren't used to.

"I can't play with everybody here because everyone just wants to shoot," Lodrick said. "If I had known it would be like this, I would have gone to the Nike Camp where they make you pass the ball."

Rodrick said: "We should have just stayed home and worked on our fundamentals. It's making us look bad here because nobody passes the ball."

To make matters worse, the analysts and scouts in attendance were expecting greatness this week. Prep Stars rated the 6-4, 200-pound twins No. 2 and No. 3 in the Class of 2003, and their stat lines of a few points and a couple of rebounds isn't living up to the hype.

"It makes us look bad because we're ranked so high and we don't get any looks because our teammates want to shoot the ball everytime," Rodrick said.

But the Stewarts refuse to alter their unselfish, team play to conform to the ABCD norm, and vow to justify their ranking in team events.

"Everybody's expecting to see highlights, but I can't do it here," Lodrick said. "They'll see it at the Big Time tournament in Vegas."

Rodrick said: "We're going to prove to everybody we're the best in the nation."

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