Nike Camp: Shooting Guards


1. Rashad McCants -- He did it all at camp and always with a smile. Other than keep working hard on his outside shooting, not much else to prove.

2. Rashad Anderson -- Solidified his stamp as one of the top shooting guards in the country. Whether from downtown or driving to the basket, he got it done. Showed flashes of top 50 talent last year but had to sit behind Derek Stribling and Jackie Manuel on traveling team.

3. J.R. Morris -- One of the few players in camp that consistently scored in every game. But then again, that's why he's been dubbed a "scoring machine." Should be a stud player for Illinois from day one if he qualifies academically.

4. Hassan Adams -- Like Morris, he's fun to watch due to his kamikaze drives to the basket and ability in the open court. Easily a top 25 performer and though he doesn't have Evan Burns' God given talent, Adams always plays hard and rarely disappears unlike his L.A. counterpart.

5. Matt Walsh -- Started off slow, but hit a groove on Saturday and showed why Florida fans will love him. Whether shooting from deep or runners in the lane, Walsh played well on a camp team desperate for perimeter points. A nifty passer, he'll get even better when his body is done maturing and he lets the game come to him.

6. J.J. Redick -- When he gets open looks, he's deadly. When he doesn't, it was hard for him to create his own shot at the camp. I'm sure Duke will have a few guys who will be able to create shots for him.

7. Jimmy McKinney -- Probably should be ranked higher but this is a stacked position. Had a great camp, electrifying in the open court and hitting the occasional three-pointer, probably the only weak part of his game. Still not sure if he can play point guard at Missouri but he's definitely a top guard in the old school style of way (not a SG or PG, just a guard).

8. DeAngelo Alexander -- Smooth performer and quality shooter. Not the greatest run/jump athlete but okay. Guarding quicker players will be his biggest challenge.

9. Jordan Kent -- Had one of the best dunks of the camp but isn't just a athlete as he plays like a coaches son. The son of Oregon coach Ernie Kent is also a great track standout and was one of the top surprises of the camp.

10. Brandon Lincoln -- Portland, Ore., standout had a solid camp with his mid-range game. Should be a prime target for most of the Pac-10.

11. Chris McCray -- Maryland commitment might be skinny as heck and looks like a 14-year-old, but he's surprisingly tough and able to get his shot off with ease. Has surprisingly long arms too, which helps him on defense.

12. Ricardo Billings -- Didn't get to see him as much as I would have liked but didn't hurt his top 50 reputation.

13. Steve LeVen -- Another surprise player, he absolutely oozes court sense. Australian combo guard makes up for lack of great quickness with superb passing ability and solid shooting. Likes Texas, Miami (Fla.) and others.

14. Brandon Heath -- Cali star actually was too unselfish during the camp. Known for outrageous scoring binges on the left coast, Heath seemed content to set up teammates and shooting when left wide open.

15. (Tie) Logan White and Ron Lewis -- Ohio natives were both pleasant surprises. White is a great outside shooter, and likes Xavier and Dayton, where his dad played. Lewis is a great open court player who needs to improve his jumper.

General comment: Easily the most talented position at the camp as there's another 5-10 shooting guards who are worth writing about. And this list didn't even include Bracey Wright, who I think is a top 20 player in the country. He just was not a top performer at the Nike Camp as he went through the motions the last three days, showing some frustration with ball-hogging teammates. Also, Greg Brown of Milwaukee left camp early due to a family situation.

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