Nike Camp: Power Forwards


1. Shelden Williams -- On potential alone, he would drop a little on this list, but he gets results on pure hard work and tenaciousness. At 6-8, 223 pounds, he plays a lot bigger than his size. Most in camp, including players who are committed and hope that he joins them at Illinois or North Carolina, believe it's a done deal for Duke, who watched his every move on a few days.

2. Sean May -- The most skilled player on the list, he sometimes is like Evan Burns where you wish he would do more. And he will once he loses the extra weight and gets more active.

3. Alexander Johnson -- At first glance, the 6-7 Georgia commit looks gimpy and not that active. But when the action gets going, he's tough to stop driving to the basket and has range on his shot.

4. Wes Wilkinson -- I liked him after the Las Vegas Big Time last year and he showed that he's a definite top 50 talent and great pick-up for Nebraska. Can go inside and outside and will only get better.

5. Greg Brunner -- After hearing the raves about this Iowa commitment, it's easy to see why. He plays all-out and attacks the basket with the same zeast as a Stoudemire, J.R. Morris or Hassan Adams. Not that bad of a shooter either.

6. Justin Johnson -- Apparently he doesn't always play hard but he played inspiring basketball at Nike. Smooth going to the hoop, not bad from outside. Could be a future small forward with improved perimeter skills.

7. Delco Rowley -- Warrior in the paint and not bad around the free throw line. Some coaches will probably wish he was taller but then they won't want to face him in college either.

8. Eric Hicks -- I hadn't heard much about Hicks but he's fun to watch. Is a dunking machine who never lost his passion during the camp. Classic undersized power forward.

9. Yusef Baker -- Coming back from a serious knee injury, Baker played well but was often overlooked since he played with Stoudemire, Brunner and Adams.

10. Sean Mallon -- Kind of like Randolph in that he has great skills but needs strength at 6-9, 196 pounds. But he does his damage around the free-throw line area, and is a super pickup for Gonzaga.

11. Ricky Cornett -- Likely Notre Dame commitment (with Illinois, Kansas State, USC and others hanging in), Cornett is a few years away from being a good college power forward. Has a great body but needs to handle getting bumped while shooting.

12. Elliott Poole -- Undersized power forward played hard all week at Nike. Is crafty with his post moves and is a solid ballhandler. More small forward sized, but he'll be good after a few years of college or junior college ball.

13. David Paris -- Son of former 49ers offensive lineman Bubba Paris, he's not going to pass the looks test but he gets a lot done inside. With colleges needing big men so badly, he'll be a nice pickup.

14. Bernard Cote -- From Canada, he started out shooting the ball well with great range, but started to tail off and wasn't as much a factor the last few days of camp. But he's got a good body and could be top five on this list in terms of upside.

15. Mark Patton -- He's 6-8 and skinny at 192 pounds, but he does one thing great -- he can flat out shoot the basketball. Whether from three-point range or freeing himself up in the mid-range area, he impressed onlookers who didn't know much about the West Virginia native.

General comment -- Probably the second deepest position behind shooting guards as several other kids didn't make the cut including Chris Ellis, who I had a tough time getting a handle on.

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