UNC-UNCP: Postgame Quotes & Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes interviews with head coach Roy Williams, and players Dexter Strickland and Kendall Marshall, following UNC's exhibition win Friday against UNC-Pembroke.

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Opening Comments:

"For those of you that have been here before, night's like this, you've heard me talk about a glorified practice. It's good for our guys to face somebody new; it's good for us to see somebody that plays differently than we play, although Coach Miller believes in some of the same things I do. So I think it was good for our team.

"I don't think anybody was pleased with the start we got - the first two times our two starting guards get the ball they fumbled it and it goes the other direction. But right before the half I put in four of the freshmen and Reggie and they gave us a great lift, a 14-0 run there, and then early in the second half the starters were back in and were so much better defensively. I think (UNCP) had one field goal in the first four or five minutes. That was basically the basketball game there.

"I was disappointed with our intensity level on both ends of the court. We talked about pushing the ball hard and running hard, and I didn't think we did that. We had two pitch-aheads for layups and Reggie got a steal and a layup and those were the only three baskets we had out of our break in the first half - we've got to get more than that. But they did a nice job getting back and trying to stop the break - Coach Miller does a nice job getting his guys to do what he wants them to do.

"Those young guys right before the half, and P.J. shooting the ball in from three - those things helped. But I did like our defense so much better in the second half."

You've said since you signed P.J. that he's a good shooter, but he did more than just that tonight ...

"He does - and I've said that every time as well. I even made a statement at Media Day that the first seven times I saw him play he took a charge in every game. He's better defensively than people give him credit for, he's a better passer - still needs to do a better job putting it on the floor - but I thought he did some nice things. James Michael was a little more nervous and never seemed to get his balance. He was shooting the ball before he was balanced. I think it was just the nervousness of the first game for him. Stilman made some nice plays, Desmond -- I think all those guys did some things that were good for us."

What are you seeing out of Dexter thus far that maybe you didn't see last season?

"He hasn't played very well in practice, to be honest with you. The second half today I thought he was really good because he was so much more active defensively. When he gets the ball in the open court there aren't many guys that can match that speed and quickness. But not just that - he had a great steal and came back down and he was under control ... and really made a nice decision on the other end. He was really good in the second half today."

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Can you speak to the contribution from P.J. Hairston tonight and what you've seen from him in practice thus far?

"He's a great addition to the team. Just the ability to shoot, and get to the rim, rebound and stuff like that. His athleticism is a great addition to the team. He helped us out a lot tonight."

We didn't see a healthy Reggie Bullock last year - so tonight was his first game on the Smith Center floor without any injury issues and it showed. Have you see a big difference from him this year?

"Absolutely. This was a very important game for him, being out so long, everyone seeing how well he is now with his knee not giving him any problems. This game was big for him to build his confidence ... It's started on defense, with him getting steals leading to fast-break layups and leading to him playing even better."

How do you, as a team, prepare for this scrimmage coming up against Georgetown on Sunday?

"Same way we approached this game - but with more intensity than we had in the first game. You have to go out and get the job done ... It's very important to prepare us for the game in San Diego."

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First game against someone else in a while - how'd it feel?

"It felt good to get back out there. Little nervous - we'd been looking forward to it for so long and to finally be out on the court felt a little different. We had to get back in our rhythm, but then the second team did a great job - the freshmen with Reggie leading them - and went out there and gave us a big push with some big plays and got the lead up. And that got us to a comfortable spot where we could focus instead of looking at the scoreboard."

The depth and size that this team has at shooting guard was showcased tonight ...

"They are differently our instant spark. People talk about our two-guards and how maybe shooting the ball was one of our weaknesses last year - I feel like that's one of our strengths this year. We can have a 6-7 two-guard in the game with Reggie, who can make it hard on defense and offense, then you have someone like P.J. who can stretch the floor, then you have Strick as our best defender who is very hard to stop in transition. Our two-guard position is going to be big for us this year and it could win us some games."

You've played with James Michael McAdoo for many years. He showed some nerves tonight, but what have you seen from him in practice so far that we didn't get to see tonight?

"I expect our freshmen to take some growing pains, just because the Carolina offense - the secondary break and open sets - can be so complex. There are times where the freshmen can get lost when the game is moving so fast. He's going to take his lumps, just like we did as freshmen last year, but I expect him to pick up on it and he'll be fine."

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