Melvin Scott: Scouting Reports

"Melvin Scott is first and foremost a shooter. He has good ball handling ability that he uses to create enough room to launch his jumper. Standing at only 6'0 or 6'1, Melvin is probably more of a shooting guard than a point guard. His quickness is good, his defense is improving and when he is hot, there are virtually no better shooters in the class of 2001." -- Clint Jackson (

"What's amazing about Melvin is how fast he's able to get his shot off. He's accurate from deep or off the dribble. Other guards have bigger reputations, but Melvin will put an end to that after July. He did a great job of making clutch shots and reading screens. Scott also brandishes a nice crossover that he likes to use to get himself room to release his jumper. He has a chance to be a big-time player and a real mover and shaker in this class." -- Dave Telep (

"There may not be a better jump shooter in the national Class of 2001." -- Frank Burlison (

"I would say that Melvin, with his skills, would have an opportunity to play at North Carolina. It's a quality program, and he belongs there. He's a good kid with no discipline problems. It fits him well. . . . I've seen him in situations, even since his freshman and sophomore years. At camps where coaches are getting upset and players getting intense, he's always even-tempered. He's become a terrific three-point shooter, and, right now, he's more of a scorer than a distributor. But he'll do whatever a team needs." -- Tom Konchalski (of the HSBI Report, quote published in the Baltimore Sun)

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