UNC-WFU: Postgame Quotes & Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes interviews with head coach Everett Withers, Bryn Renner, Gio Bernard, Zach Brown and Dwight Jones, who spoke to the media following UNC's win over Wake Forest on Saturday.

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Opening remarks:

"Really proud of this football team and the way they came and played today. Obviously, we won the turnover battle, 5-1, so that was a big emphasis this week of ball security and taking care of the ball. We won the explosive play battle, which was a big part of what we wanted to do. We were able to run the football today – again another emphasis this week. And I think our kids really focused in on this week playing as good as they could play. We talked about commitment to each other on this football team and I think these guys committed to each other and I think the guys committed to each other. We didn't play a totally clean ballgame today, obviously – I think we've got some things we can correct and get better on. I'm really proud of this football team."

On Bryn Renner's play:

"He was efficient, he didn't turn [the ball] over, [and] had his best passing game since he's been here. He's able to turn around and hand it off to some pretty good ‘backs and not turn it over. That's a pretty efficient day for a quarterback."

On forcing turnovers:

"I think our coaches on defense did a great job of studying their offense – their passing game especially with splits and alignments. I felt like this week our secondary and linebackers had the best week of practice of just knowing what was coming at them. I think our kids are really starting to mature and grow up."

On early turnovers:

"It's important always to make turnovers. You want to make plays early in the ballgame so you can gain some momentum. I think the turnovers were big momentum pushes for our team. I really felt like once we got the turnovers, we got into the flow of the game.

"It's a mindset about creating turnovers, not turning it over and then when you get an opportunity to get a turnover, scoring off of those turnovers. We have 28 points off turnovers and I think that's huge. That shows to me a step and growth of this football team."

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On the players only meeting this week:

"I felt like we just need to come together as a team. It really wasn't just me and Kevin [Reddick] – I think a couple of the seniors said some things that really helped this team grow as a team and that definitely paid off today. I think we're coming together as a team so that's good."

On his performance today:

"I think the offensive line protected, Gio [Bernard] ran the ball great, Ryan [Houston] ran the ball great, A.J. [Blue] ran the ball great, and the receivers made great catches. Ultimately as the quarterback, you just have to get the ball out of your hands be the point guard. And I think that's what I tried to do today. But [the offense] and the defense played great – we played an all-around great game."

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On leaving the game with an ankle injury:

"I'm good. It happened in slow motion and that's kind of something that you don't really want to happen in a game. It was just the way I fell and it didn't feel right at first but I started jogging around and got the ankle taped. I'm fine and I'm ready to go. I told the coaches ‘I'm ready, I'm fine' and I showed them I could still cut on the sidelines."

On the team's performance today:

"I think it was a matter of the entire week of practice. I think we had a great week of practice.

"After one of the team meetings we had, Bryn and [Reddick] told all our coaches to get out and it was like a team meeting. I think that at that point there, everybody knew that they had to do their job that day and everybody did a great job today.

"I think everybody had an amazing game. O-line had a great game – put up for Bryn, put up for me, and put up two other scores by running backs. I think it was a great game overall."

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What was the mindset coming into the game:

"The mindset coming in was to set the tone. Coach said it's going to be a fight, so we had to come a play on the first drive as a defense and as a team."

On being on the right side of turnovers:

"It feels good. It was something we were working on in practice and throughout the season. Coach said turnovers were the key to the game."

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On taking the pressure off the defense:

"It was finally a change. Throughout the season, the defense has helped us out a lot by trying to get us the ball back. But today, we were able to stay on the field for them and give them a little break. We were fortunate enough to give them a little break."

On UNC's success with attacking Wake Forest's pass defense:

"They have a very good defense. They are very balanced – they can play man or zone [coverage]. We saw that they had a young, red-shirt freshman [cornerback and attacking him] was our goal. Really, whatever they give us, [we were going to take] – if they were going to play deep, we'll take underneath; if they were going to play underneath, we were going to go deep."

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