TOC: Glen Davis Spotlight

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – I've seen Dwight Howard. I've seen Josh Smith. I've seen Al Jefferson. I've seen Lamarcus Aldridge. I've seen D.J. White. <br><br> And now, I've seen Glen Davis, aka "Big Baby."

If I had to choose a player to build my team around – I'm taking the 6-8, 330-pound truck-of-a-center Glen Davis.

And you know what? I could care less if any basketball media, recruiting analysts, scouts or college coaches agree. All I know is what I saw tonight at the Dean E. Smith Center in Chapel Hill.

I saw a player that is simply unstoppable.

Davis, a junior post player who ran with the Louisiana-based AAU squad, Sports Express, showed why he might just be the best player in the 2004 class. There, I said it. And I'll say it with conviction, whether it's today, tomorrow or next month.

Scoring 23 points in the first half for a big man is unheard of in AAU play. But that's just what Davis went out and did on Friday evening. He owned the paint. He secured just about every rebound that he desired and he scored almost every time that he got the ball near the basket.

The big fella' has the size, the strength and the mobility. He has the hands, the moves and the quick feet of a player half his size. And the behemoth runs the floor effortlessly and consistently without breaking a sweat.

And did I mention that he's simply unstoppable?

Now, some analysts are going to say he needs to lose some weight. And some will say that he plays below the rim. But I see it differently. I see a kid who's plenty quick despite his 330 pounds of mass. And despite not exactly looking like Kevin Garnett in the open floor – Davis can run. And his post moves are quick, precise and polished.

His game is power and I know of only a few who could hold their own in the painted area with this "Big Baby." And none of them are on the high school level. And yes – that may include you, Mr. Al Jefferson.

As I approached Davis for the first time after his game on Friday evening, he greeted me with a big sweaty bear hug and a smile that was as genuine as a grandmother's on Thanksgiving.

As I shook his hand, I felt as if I was a munchkin on the Yellow Brick Road as his huge bear paw engulfed my hand. His hands, however, were not as extraordinary as his size 19 sneakers.

"I like to eat, " said Davis, when I questioned him as to what they feed him down in Louisiana. "I like cornbread, collard greens, mashed potatoes and everything. I just like dirty south cooking. I like to eat and eat and eat. I love it all," he laughed.

The nimble center told us that he currently maxes out on the bench press at 385 pounds and carries a 3.0 GPA at LSU Lab High School in Baton Rouge. And he's already qualified with a 19 on his ACT.

Despite also being a standout football player on the gridiron, Davis thinks he may ultimately choose roundball for the next level.

"I love my football," he noted. "But I think I may love my basketball even more. I'm not going to play both sports on the college level because my mom wants me to concentrate on my academics."

Davis states that he does not have a leader at the present time, but ran off a list of schools that he felt were in the hunt for his signature.

"LSU, Miami, Indiana, Oklahoma, UConn, Louisville and Cincinnati have offered," he said. "I'd like to be recruited by some east coast schools as well, like Carolina and Maryland because I was born in Maryland. I wish they would recruit me more."

We asked for more specifics about UNC:

"Well, they have sent me a couple of things, but not too much. I don't think they're that serious, though. But I really like Carolina. I like them a lot."

I think it'd be pretty safe to say that if Roy Williams had been able to see Davis in action tonight – the feeling would probably be mutual.

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