TOC: Q&A with Reyshawn Terry

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Incoming Tar Heel freshman Reyshawn Terry was on hand at the Smith Center Saturday afternoon to take in the Tournament of Champions.

Are you planning to enroll in the second session of Summer School?

Yes, I'm going to the second session.

Are you playing pick-up games with the team, yet?

Not yet. I'm just here to watch a little bit.

Do you expect to move to campus at the end of June?

That's probably when I'll move.

Did Coach Williams contact you after he was named head coach?

Not right away, but I've talked to him a couple of times.

What were those conversations about?

He just introduced himself, and I introduced myself -- stuff like that.

Did the coaching change affect your feelings about coming to Carolina to play?

Not really.

I've seen you in the locker room this season at some Carolina games. How well do you feel like you know the guys on the team?

Pretty good.

Do you know who your roommate will be?

I'm the only scholarship player, but there is another guy coming in – Justin is still coming.

Has anything changed since you made your decision that now makes you think you should have gone somewhere else?


How do you see yourself fitting in with the current players?

Really good. My style of play is like theirs, so there's no change in the way I'll play.

Coach Williams wants to play up-tempo.

That's something I have to get used to. I'm used to running, but not on the college level. But I am on a conditioning program.

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