UNC-NCSU: Postgame Quotes & Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes interviews with head coach Everett Withers, Gio Bernard, Kevin Reddick and Braden Hanson, who spoke to the media following UNC's loss to N.C. State on Saturday.

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Opening comments:
"I want to give NC State a bunch of credit. We didn't help ourselves, we helped them a bunch. With our offense, I do have to give them a bunch of credit. I thought they were efficient on defense causes us to have a bunch of three and outs. We didn't make enough plays on offense to make it a game. We got a week off, got a chance to go back to work this week to get better to try to correct some of the things that happened today and hopefully we will be better against Virginia Tech on Thursday night."

On Bryn Renner facing adversity:
"He obviously had some today. There was some things, I guess we can talk about half time, we tested him out twice for concussion symptoms at halftime and felt like he was okay. Then we went out there and he went to one series, just didn't feel like he was 100 percent, so we pulled him...

"They tested him twice and he passed both tests and he went out in the first series and he developed more symptoms out there. This is a game. I'm not going to stick one out there and get him hurt."

On his defensive players dancing late in the game:
"When you're dealing with 18-22 year olds, you don't know what you're going to get sometimes. It bothers me awful a lot to lose any game. I think in this state, this is a big game in this state. This is supposed to be a rivalry and it is supposed to eat at you. It supposed to get to you when you lose it and you're supposed to remember it and get better and come back the next year and do something about it. Any defeat bothers me."

On if he felt UNC matched NCSU's intensity:
"I felt like we tried to play harder. I don't think it had to do anything with intensity, emotions. It was about X's and O's and not blocking them and not tackling them and not doing those things."

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On reaching 1,000 yards on the season:
"I could care less about it. To me, it's really nothing. It's just being able to win every game. We've just got to come out and get a win under our belt two weeks from now. A 1,000 yards really doesn't matter to me."

On if he was surprised that the team did not meet N.C. State's intensity:
"I don't know that it's being surprised, I think it's just a matter of not feeling right. I didn't feel right going into the game. I felt guys were just joking around and not taking this game seriously. I knew guys were just not really focused in."

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On his initial reaction to the loss:
"We've just got to play better. That's it. Offensively and defensively. Even though the offense didn't score, we shouldn't have given them 13 points."

Do you feel like the guys matched N.C. State's intensity coming into this game?
"As far as the whole team?"

"I could say so. But as far as the defense, I think we did. Practicing with the defense all of the time, I felt like we came in prepared and knew what they were going to do. Once we got rolling, we closed the door on things."

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On his emotions entering the game:
"I was excited to go in. Just being a backup, you never know when it's going to come, so I just had to be ready. I was excited to go in, but obviously, wanted Bryn to be okay."

On the loss:
"It's very disappointing. We talked all week about winning the state and going 3-0 in the state, and we weren't able to do that. But like I said, they're a good team. After the game, we talked about remembering how you feel right now so that you won't ever feel that way again. But yes, it's devastating. We really wanted this one bad."

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