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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – His teammates struggled to get him the ball, but Joseph Jones still managed to show signs of what might make him an elite post prospect.

A post player can't put up big offensive numbers if his guards don't get him involved, and that's what happened to Joseph Jones on Saturday afternoon.

Despite limited touches, the 6-9, 235-pound PF/C posted 10 points on a few post moves, some free throws and a surprisingly effortless three-pointer.

On the defensive end he rotated well, which led to four blocks.

by J.B. Cissell

Do you currently have a list of schools under consideration?

Not yet.

What schools are contacting you?

North Carolina, Arizona, Kansas, Texas A&M, U of H[ouston], and Arkansas.

You have no preference?

Nah. It doesn't matter.

C'mon now, you must have some preference.

Not as long as I get to play.

How long has Coach Williams been in contact with you?

Since he was at Kansas.

Does his move affect how you feel at all

Not really.

What are you looking for in a school?

A good education and time to play, so I can go to the League.

Do you have a time frame for making a decision?

Just whenever I feel comfortable. I don't have a time in mind.

Which schools would you rank the highest, right now?

Kansas, Arizona, and North Carolina are all in the high ranking.

How would you describe your game, for someone who hasn't seen you play?

Inside-out and hard-working -- that's it.

And where do you have the most room for improvement?

My jumping ability.

by Jim Hawkins

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