Monday PC Interviews

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's Monday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Everett Withers, Bryn Renner and Pete Mangum.

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Opening comments:
"We had a good bye week. Had some good work Wednesday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, basically, with the strength and conditioning program. I felt like we had a good week. Got a good start with Virginia Tech, as far as the base game plan. Last night we practiced and I felt like that was a good start for the initial game plan week for Virginia Tech. So I feel like we're right on track. We're ready to get started and excited about playing on Thursday night. It's always a fun thing for college kids to play on Thursday before all of their peers. We're looking forward to it and are excited."

On junior cornerback Todd Harrelson:
"Todd Harrelson isn't even on our football team anymore. Todd's going to transfer. He decided he wanted to transfer at the end of the semester."

On Bryn Renner's concussion:
"He went out of the game, came in at halftime, we tested him and he basically passed the test at halftime. He came back out and developed some symptoms and then that's when we pulled him from the game. He actually practiced last Thursday and actually practiced [on Sunday night]. So he's doing fine now."

So he didn't practice during the first part of the week?
"Yes, we wanted to hold him out."

Has there been any clarity at the punter position between C.J. Feagles and Thomas Hibbard?
"Still competing daily. Still competing daily."

When will that decision be made?
"You'll find out at game time."

On Terry Shankle moving into the two-deep at cornerback:
"Terry's done a really good job. Terry's one of those guys we've noticed out on the scout team. He had the knee injury last year and he's really just now gotten back 100 percent. So we've been able to put him back in on some special teams and get him involved a little bit more on defense. He's responded well. He's earned the right to be up there in that group."

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How are you feeling?
"I feel great. 100 percent. We have a really good medical staff and feel ready to go for Thursday."

Were you diagnosed with a concussion?
"Yes. Mild concussion."

"I went in right before halftime and passed all of the tests they gave me twice. I thought I could go back out there and play, but I just wasn't feeling right, so I thought it was a better move for the team just to pull myself out of there because I wasn't feeling like myself."

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On being a special teams captain:
"It means a lot to me to know that my coaches and my teammates can depend on me and look up to me to lead the team and help us get victories."

This team has been through a lot over the last 16 months. Is all of that finally starting to catch up with this program with three losses in the last four games?
"I feel like the mindset of the team is just this game right now, winning this game coming up. That's really all that we're focusing on right now."

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