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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's Tuesday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams and Dexter Strickland.

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On the five-day road trip:
"Well, it was an amazing experience, particularly Michigan State, the Carrier Classic, the aircraft carrier, the tours, the visiting with the military personnel [and] seeing everything that was going on. It was an unforgettable experience. It's something that I can't imagine being eloquent enough to describe how it actually felt when you're talking to all of those people and you're down there in the mess hall and then going into their bunk rooms and going up on the bridge and sitting in the captain's chair and looking out and seeing what's going on and having them explain some of the things that they do. And the weird stuff. The anchor on a big ole ship like that would have to be pretty strong and when you read the media guide, every link on the chain for the anchor is – and I might miss this – 365 pounds. So it's got to be pretty big to stop that boat. But everything about it was just marvelous.

"The trip to Asheville was difficult. I said from Day One that it was not Roy Williams's homecoming, that we were trying to help a part of consolidated university system open up a new building. It was a wonderful environment. It was a true road environment. I said one thing afterwards that I didn't expect to be booed quite so much in my own hometown, but that was part of it, too. It was a great experience for all of us and one that I hope and think will be beneficial to us all year."

What did you learn about your team on the trip?
"I think you learn something every day, but to say that they learned two and two make five, I don't know that I can say that. We know we have to do a better job rebounding than we did against Michigan State. I was impressed with our ability to shoot the ball out there outdoors. Kids don't play outdoors. The wind was blowing a little bit and we were one shot made away from being 50 percent against a good defensive team. So the positive was shooting the ball in the basket and the negative was rebounding the ball. I'd like for us to push it more and run more."

How will you approach this week? Give them time off and push on through with practice?
"A little bit of both. We came in at 9:30pm on Sunday night, so we didn't do anything Sunday night for sure. Then we gave them [Monday] off completely and we'll hopefully have really good practices with some length to it on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and then try to back off a little bit because then we play four games in seven days."

How do you decide what early season tournaments to participate in?
"I usually choose it where I like to go. That's just being honest. I love going to Maui, so I'm going to always try to go to Maui. So far I've got a pretty good deal going – I've never left Maui without having a commitment to let me come back four years later, so it's something that I've been able to get that one secured. I like warm places, so most of the time when we're playing in tournaments, we're going to play in warm places. We try to schedule those three and four years out… I think we're scheduled through 2015."

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What are your thoughts on the five-day road trip?
"It was a great experience for us. I think it was a test for myself and for my team. It showed how strong we were, just to go to San Diego, play in front of a crowd like that, play in front of an aircraft with all of the pressure that we have being the preseason No. 1. Just to have that win and to have the win at Asheville -- it was a challenge for us, but I think my team did a great job."

What's the one thing that stands out most about the trip?
"The President. Meeting the President. I think that was the highlight of my trip. Just being there and just having the opportunity to shake his hand. That was my highlight of the trip."

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