Linas Kleiza update

The reports out of Columbia, Mo. surfaced once again this morning claiming Linas Kleiza was going to commit to Missouri. Is there any truth to the report? <i>Inside Carolina</i> did some investigative work Wednesday afternoon ...

"That's news to me," Montrose assistant coach David Adkins said Wednesday of the report that Kleiza committed to Missouri. "We know nothing of that."

The 6-8 post warrior returns from Lithuania this evening and apparently will begin the final stages of his recruitment.

"Linas is supposed to touch down in New York today - He's really excited to be coming back and graduating, but I know he is going to be tired," Adkins said. "[Montrose head] coach [Stu] Vetter is going to talk to his dad tonight."

Before he left for Lithuania two weeks ago, Kleiza was probably going to take a visit to Chapel Hill. He kept in contact with both schools, speaking to Quin Snyder and Roy Williams while he was overseas.

But as of today it's looking like he's leaning toward not taking the visit - though it's still undecided and clearly is subject to change.

The long-standing relationship with Snyder, who has been recruiting Kleiza since he arrived in the U.S., is playing a major role in putting the Tigers in good shape to land the No. 13 senior in the country.

"I do know that Linas really likes Quin," Adkins added.

And, thus, the Missouri staff is confident that they'll get a commitment from Kleiza in the coming days - as they were the source of the Kleiza commitment article by a Missouri publication this morning.

Inside Carolina can confirm that no commitment has been made, but safe to say Kleiza is leaning to Missouri and unless North Carolina can convince him in the next few days to visit UNC, Kleiza will be a Tiger.


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