Position-by-position -- The Wide Receivers

The Tar Heels benefit by having their top three pass receivers from '00 return. Bosley Allen, Kory Bailey, and Sam Aiken form one of the best trios in the ACC this season.

Name Number Year Height Weight
Bosley Allen 3 Jr. 6-1 200
Sam Aiken 88 Jr. 6-2 200
Kory Bailey 12 Sr. 6-1 188
Chesley Borders 39 Jr. 6-0 187

photos courtesy of Gene Galin

Wide Receivers 

The wide receiver is perhaps the deepest and most talented position on the Tar Heel offense. 

It is the best combination of coaching continuity, experience, talent, and depth to be found on the UNC offense, and one certain to be exploited in 2001 by the UNC coaching staff. 

Starting with Bosley Allen, who finished seventh in the ACC in pass receptions   (3.64)per game and receiving yards (15.85) per game, the Tar Heels have a quartet of talented receivers.  This fact is not lost on the coaching staff.  

"Bosley Allen is a playmaker," says Coach Bunting.   

Allen says, "I think my role is just to do what I am able to do, show my abilities, I have some ability I can express out there on the field, and just go 100% for the team and not be selfish, and strive for the best," but adds with a touch of braggadocio about his role of this team, "I will be the big playmaker." 

When asked if he found the athleticism at any particular positions better or worse than he imagined, Bunting said, "At the skill positions, particularly on offense, it is better than I thought it was.  At running back and wide receiver is better than I thought it was." 

Bosley Allen doesn't mind sharing the glory with the rest of the receiving corps, "We are experienced at receiver, and we have a lot of great receivers on this team… we are playmakers." 

And Allen will need to share the wealth.  Senior Kory Bailey was tenth in the ACC last season in receiving yards (55 yards per game), and Sam Aiken checked in a few notches down at sixteenth (40 yards per game). 


Outside of Florida State, North Carolina was the only team in the ACC that had more than one receiver in the top ten in the ACC in receiving yards per game.

The Tar Heels experienced some attrition at this position when Jamal Jones left the team, but it still remains the strength of the offense. 

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