Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program on Monday? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Jones Angell ...

Justin Watts Injury update:
"He's fine. He's able to practice [on Monday]. [On Sunday], he was a little woozy and they decided that it was not a concussion, that it was an eye contusion. But he felt much better late [Sunday] night and he went through the whole practice. I held him out of a couple things just for substitution purposes, but he'll be fine."

John Henson injury update:
"Yeah, he and another guy collided heads. I knew John was going to be OK; I was worried about the other kid. John came over to the bench and said, ‘I know my head's harder than his,' and I said, ‘You don't have to convince me.' So he was fine when he went back in there."

On the team's 3-point shooting:
"[Monday] I had two coaches out recruiting, and the kids said something about them and I said, ‘Yeah, one of the coaches was going down to Charlotte to see a kid who's eligible to play and graduating in January and is supposedly a great 3-point shooter.' And everyone just looked at me, and John said, ‘Really?' And I said ‘No but I'm going to trade somebody if you don't start making some dadgum shots.''

"But with P.J., Reggie and Harrison, those guys can really shoot the basketball. Kendall has shot it much better this year and Dexter has shot it better this year. But P.J., Reggie and Harrison can really shoot the ball. We haven't seen it yet, but we haven't needed it, either."

On the bench getting more minutes on Sunday:
"Well, you get more minutes and you have a chance to do more things. That was a big goal of mine. I think Reggie had 20 minutes. P.J. and James Michael had 16 and 14 – I forget which one was which. But when you get more minutes, you do get a little more accustomed to what's going on out there. And those three there particularly, and Justin Watts, have really got to be good players for us."

On where the team needs to get better:
"Everything, because this time of year you don't pick [one thing]. In the middle of February, you may say, ‘We need to get better with our zone offense.' Right now, we have to get better with everything. So [last week] was just a normal practice week like it was three weeks prior to it. We did emphasize the rebounding part of it, there's no question about that, but we do that all of the time, anyway."

Do you have a favorite early tournament?
"Maui. No question in my mind. I think it's the greatest basketball tournament. I think it's the greatest setting. So far, I have not left the island without getting a commitment to let me come back four years later. I don't know how, but I got to know the governor and I think that helped a little bit…

"I hope it's way down the road, but when I retire, I‘ll go to that tournament every year because it's the greatest basketball setting in the world. It was even better before they put air conditioning in. I know it was awful with guys slipping and sliding around. We lost a game. We had one guy in the locker room getting an IV because he had lost so much fluid. We had two guys cramping up and we ended up losing the game because of that, but it's a high school gym, it's a high school feel and it was just wonderful.

"People would come in with their bathing suits on or their swimming trunks with a t-shirt on top. If they didn't like the 10 o'clock game, they'd go out and sit in the grass or walk down to the beach – it's only 100 yards away. But hopefully about 10 years from now I'll be going to that tournament every year."

Is Kentucky a potential Final Four team?
"I think there are about seven teams right now with a legitimate chance, that think they can be the national champion. And during the course of the season, three or four more teams [will be in there]. I've been saying there's 10 to 12 teams, and last year, Connecticut was a 3 seed. But there are usually 10 or 12 teams that can win it, and Kentucky is just sensational.

"The athleticism, the size, the ability is just off the charts. And they've got experience this year, it's not just freshmen out there. Last year, they really had freshmen in very dominant roles, and they didn't have many other guys who could play. Now, they have four guys who started for them at one time or another last year, and a big-time freshman class. So yes, they are one of those teams."

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