Kleiza commits to Missouri

Linas Kleiza informed <i>Inside Carolina</i> Thursday afternoon that he has committed to Missouri ... (<i>This story is no longer premium and is now a free read.</i>)

"Yes, sir," Kleiza said, in response to being asked whether he had committed to the Tigers.

"I just came back yesterday, I'm really tired," he said, having gone home to tryout for the Lithuanian junior national team. "I got to do a lot of thinking when I was in Lithuania and I think Missouri is the best place for me - it's the best fit for me."

The decision to commit to Missouri had been held up by the possibility of visiting Chapel Hill, but he decided not to make the trip.

"No, it's not going to happen," he said of the UNC visit.

Kleiza confirmed a final three list of Florida State, North Carolina and Missouri -- and said the Tar Heels finished in second.

"Coach [Roy] Williams is a really good guy and a great coach -- one of the best in the business and it was great to meet him," Kleiza said.

Kleiza informed the Carolina staff of his decision today.

Thanks to Dave Telep for his contribution to this story.

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