Raymond Felton: Scouting Reports

"If you see anyone rating any of the fine point guards in this class ahead of Felton, be very suspicious. Felton is bigger than most, stronger than most, quicker than most, a better passer than most and a better shooter. He is the total package." -- Mike DeCourcy (TSN)

"Felton is a great all-around athlete that can put the points up in a hurry. His main talent is breaking defenders down off the dribble and getting to the rim. Great court awareness and intelligent with the ball. Has the passion on the defensive end to rival his offensive abilities. Good stroke out to the three point line, great handle and confident. Possesses an ability to completely take over the game and wants the ball when the game is on the line. Strong as an ox on the drive and finishes with contact. Can play both back court positions." -- Clint Jackson (HMH)

"Felton is lightening fast, his crossover is a blur, and he has a well rounded game to compliment his strength and athleticism. He was playing for the first time with the Raleigh Heat, and so the team chemistry wasn't necessarily there, but he showed many flashes of why he's so highly regarded: burning a defender off the dribble and hitting a driving layup, skying to finish an alley-oop, leaping over an opposing center to snare an offensive board, firing a no-look 30-foot one-handed pass to an open teammate downcourt, etc." -- Ben Sherman

"He has a complete game. He can play some defense-anticipates the ball well. He can take it inside strong, even though he's not tall-6'0" - 6'1". He can mix it up inside. He can pull it up and shoot it in your face, so he has the complete package. You know, when the game is on the line, when you've got the tough competition, like at the "Beach Ball," that's when he just rises to another level." -- Latta head coach Stephen Smith

"Unquestionably one of the very best junior guards in the nation if not the best ... Remember his name, because he's the real deal." -- Brick Oettinger (CNNSI)

"The kid's good. The kid's VERY good. He might be the best all-around guard this side of Dajuan Wagner -- although Jonathan Hargett would certainly have something to say about that. But seriously: Felton's truly fantastic. He scores. He jumps. He dunks. (Including a sick 360 on a second-quarter breakaway. Keep in mind that he's all of 6-1 or so.) But what he does best, actually, is pass the ball with remarkable vision. His passes do what passes should -- they lead directly to scores -- and very few of his 11 assists Monday night were easy looks to open three-point shooters." -- Michael Kruse

"The first eight minutes of that game were as good as I've seen a high school basketball player play -- ever," added, head of the Myrtle Beach-based Beach Ball Select AAU club. "You're talking about Pistol Pete and everybody. I mean, hell, the only thing he missed in the first quarter was a free throw after hitting a three-pointer. "I've never seen a school surrounded by people. Folks were trying to find a door to get in -- any door -- and they all came to see one person. Let me tell you something: They all could have left after the first quarter and still gotten their money's worth." -- Beach Ball Select head coach John Rhodes (ACC Sports Journal)

"With some 3,500 people packed into the gym at Florence's Wilson High -- and an estimated 2,000 more left out in the parking lot -- Felton hit six threes and put up 23 points in the first FIVE minutes of the first period. He wound up with 43 points, 15 assists and 10 rebounds, but that final stat line hardly mattered. The game was all but over from the get-go." -- Michael Kruse (ACC Sports Journal) (ACC Sports Journal)

"[Felton] usually shoots a high percentage from long range. He is strong as an ox. He can take a hit in the paint and finish drives. And, his speed and elusiveness off the dribble are uncanny. He is just a tremendous all around athlete. Best of all, he seems to really like getting after it on the defensive end." -- Paul Swann (AEHoops)

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