UNC Making Up Ground for Jones

DUNCANVILLE, Texas --- Since offering a scholarship a couple months, Roy Williams has begun to put the full court press on Matt Jones.

North Carolina is looking to add a perimeter scorer to its 2013 recruiting class. Jones a 6-4 sharpshooter from DeSoto (Texas) High, appears to be at the top of UNC's wish list.

"Carolina, if I had to say, is probably one of the schools recruiting me the most," Jones said following a 29-point outing at the Thanksgiving Hoopfest on Saturday. "Coach Williams, he hits me up every day. He's a really cool dude. I've gotten to sit with him when I went down to Duke and I went over there as well."

"I went to North Carolina and sat with him and we just really talked and I had a good talk," he added. "I'm really confident if I go there he can improve my game and get me ready for the next level. I really have a good relationship him and the program. I like the way they play and the tradition."

The 29 points on Saturday night that came in a win over Marietta (Ga.) Wheeler included Jones shooting 12-for-16 from the field. Jones hit three three-pointers and buried a number of mid-range shots, as he's rounded out his game and can now score in more ways than just perimeter jumpers.

To go with the heavy interest from the Tar Heels, Jones has Florida, Duke, Texas, Kansas and Ohio State in hot pursuit.

"The recruiting process is cool," Jones said. "I've talked to Coach K and Coach Williams lately and they seem pretty cool. It's not really overwhelming because I shut it down since the season started just to focus on [my team] and to show them that I'm with them 100-percent."

Jones, who made that Duke trip and quick UNC pit stop in mid-October, said there's a strong possibility that he visits Kansas on Dec. 10 for their game against Ohio State. He's also contemplating a trip to Ohio State, Texas and then a return trip to UNC.

"I might visit North Carolina again," the No. 5-ranked shooting guard in the 2013 class said. "I promised Roy Williams that I'd go and have North Carolina be my main focus, rather than Duke be my main focus."

Have they talked about a date?

"Not really, they are in Las Vegas, but next time I talk to him on the phone we will set a date and go from there," Jones said.

Jones said he is impressed with North Carolina's history of success, as well as the coaching staff.

"Just the coach, the tradition, the way they carry themselves and just everything about them stands out," he said. "I talk to other guys and they just cant fathom how Roy Williams is in the gym, so it's cool."

Williams made the trip to Deer Park, Texas on Nov. 17 to be in attendance for Jones's game in the Texas Invitational.

"I'm just happy that they have seen me," he added, noting the Tar Heels have made up significant ground over the last couple months. "I think they are making up the lost time that I got other offers before them. At the end of the day it's all equal."

Jones also made it clear that he isn't close to being ready to make a college choice. In fact, he's yet to set a time frame for a decision.

"I'm just going to do it when it feels right, there isn't really a timetable."

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