Torin Francis Interview

Torin Francis

Last night I had the pleasure of interviewing big man Torin Francis, out of Marion, Ma. Torin has seen his stock skyrocket over the last few months, as he has gone from a top 30 player to a player some call "the best all-around high school post player in the country" (according to's Frank Burlison).

Francis is listed at 6-10, and 220 pounds and can play either the power forward or center at the next level. What is interesting is that where he plays on the court doesn't seem to be as important as what classes he is going to take. Torin Francis is a true student-athlete in every aspect. The following are some of the comments made by Torin about his recruitment.


Zeke: How does it feel to have a rest?

Torin: It is nice to be back home. I have been playing a lot of basketball, so it is nice to get a break.

Zeke: Are you going to the Big Time in Las Vegas ?

Torin: No, we are not playing in the Big Time. The next tournament we will be playing in will be the Showcase.

Zeke: Can you comment on your play so far this summer ?

Torin: I have played good at times and not so good at others. I haven't been playing basketball a real long time and I still have a lot to learn.

Zeke: Do you still plan on deciding shortly after your visits in August ?

Torin: Yes I do. Once I get back from my visits, my mom and I will sit down and make a decision.

Zeke: Is your mother an important part of your decision ?

Torin: Most definitely. She will have a lot to say because she needs to be happy with the coaches and place that I am going to play as well. We will come up with a decision together. These visits are a chance for her to see the campuses and meet the coaches as well.

Zeke: Are their any coaching staffs that you feel more comfortable than others ?

Torin: No not all. I feel real comfortable with all of the staffs that are recruiting me. They have all done a good job and I really like all of them.

Zeke: Is playing time important to you ?

Torin: Yes it is. I want the chance to play right away if possible, and it would be nice to get on the floor early on.

Zeke: Do you think any of the schools have an edge there ?

Torin: I think I would have a chance to play early at any of the schools I am looking at.

Zeke: You had the chance to play with Rashaad McCants who is going to North Carolina. Is he trying to recruit you to UNC ?

Torin: Yes he really is. I got to know Rashad last year and this year he played on the East Team with me in Colorado Springs. Rashad is a great guy and he would like me to go to North Carolina with him.

Zeke: Could you comment on his game ?

Torin: Rashad is a very strong player. He is really athletic and he is extremely confident. The one thing about Rashad is that he competes really hard and he wants to win real bad. I like that because I want to win just as bad as he does.

Zeke: Have you had a chance to meet Raymond Felton ?

Torin: I have never met him, but I have seen him play. He is a heck of a player and he seems to be a lot like Rashaad in that he really competes hard.

Zeke: Are you a big fan of college basketball, as far as watching it ?

Torin: Yes I am.

Zeke: Excluding the Final Four, if there was one game each year in college basketball that you love to watch, which game would it be ?

Torin: North Carolina versus Duke

Zeke: Do you have any conferences that you really like ?

Torin: The ACC, Big East and SEC

Zeke: What do you like the most about North Carolina ?

Torin: The first thing I really like is that out of public universities it ranks in the top 10 nationwide. Academics are very important and North Carolina is a great school. As far as basketball goes, I think their records speak for themselves.


While it is still a month away from a decision, I would have to say that North Carolina seems to be in good shape with Torin. I have little doubt that whichever school lands Torin Francis is going to be in for an enjoyable four years. Torin is without a doubt one of the politest young men I have had the pleasure to interview.

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