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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's Friday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams and John Henson.

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Do you have an update on P.J. Hairston?
"I'd thought we'd wait and let him announce it on Twitter. I did step in the trainer's room and told Chris [Hirth] to put some extra tape on his ankles so he could run a little more at practice. I'm tired of answering dadgum because some player puts something on his Twitter account. No is the answer to your question, but I thought it was a lot more comical to give you the whole input there. We'll see what he's like out there on the court today. If you pin me down, I'd say I guess he won't play, but I don't know."

Have you ever given thought to shutting down social networking sites?
"No. It's America. But that doesn't mean I have to be pleased with it and I am not pleased with that stuff. It's basketball, it's not Las Vegas, but it's our locker room. I think what happens in our locker room should stay in our locker room, especially when it calls me to answer more questions."

On the rivalry with Kentucky:
"It's one of the great rivalries of college basketball. It's a game that gets a vast amount of attention, but there were 8-9-10 years when the teams didn't play and both teams were able to survive. They both went on and I think that could happen now also. But it is one of the great series and one of the great games. And for so many years it was CBS's first college basketball game of the year and now nobody knows what's CBS, what's ESPN, what's Fox – you just turn the channels and see what's going on."

On Wisconsin's pace of play vs. Kentucky's pace of play:
"There's a big difference in the style of play. There's no question about that. You could probably guess, but I would say maybe 20 percent of the possessions the other night the shot clock got down below 10 before Wisconsin took a shot. I really believe they could save some power in Rupp Arena and not even have the shot clock this weekend, so it's a vast difference. Kentucky wants to run; we want to run.

"Wisconsin's style of play is very effective for them and very effective for his personnel, but it's exactly opposite. They wanted to use a lot of clock unless you gave them a great shot early. We didn't want to give them a great shot early or a great shot late, but they did try to work until they got the shot they wanted. Kentucky will be much more aggressive about trying to get the ball down the court and shoot it quicker, and so will we."

Have you seen enough from your team to feel like you have a good handle on them?
"No, I still want to see us respond really positively in a tough environment. [Against] Michigan State, a lot of those people were cheering for both teams. It was just the uniqueness. Asheville – it was definitely a home crowd for them. Like I said afterwards, I never thought I would be booed as much in my own hometown. UNLV – it can say neutral site on the stat sheet, but it was not a neutral site there. It was a tough crowd.

"And so we have to see that, and then the other thing is that I don't think anybody really knows anything about their team, or I don't. You know some things but you don't know the true character and the personality and the make-up of your team just after a month of play. I think it takes a little longer to do that."

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Have you looked at the game film of the Elite 8 loss to Kentucky yet?
"No, I haven't. I don't want to look at. I know it was a bad game. We've got to do better and particularly for me it was a rough game, so it just gives us motivation for this year."

What's the key to avoiding the foul trouble that plagued you in the Elite 8 loss?
"I think in that game I did some dumb, dumb things that I shouldn't have done. One particularly dumb foul was I fouled Brandon Knight like 50 feet away from the basket, which is something you're not supposed to do. Hopefully I can stay out of foul trouble this year."

Do you think this span of games will prepare this team for any obstacle that may come up the rest of the season?
"I think it's going to prepare us very well. Wisconsin is a great team and they slow down the game. Kentucky is an even better team and they speed up the game, so we're going to get a contrast of styles. Kentucky's not No. 1 for no reason. It's going to be a tough, tough game Coach Cal hasn't lost at Kentucky yet, so it's going to be hard, but we'll have to pull it out."

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