UNC-UE: Postgame Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes interviews with head coach Roy Williams and players following UNC's win Tuesday over Evansville.

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Opening Comments:

"It was a good game for us, but we're more blessed -- bigger, quicker. We should win the game, but I thought our kids had great focus. If we had that kind of focus for 40 minutes a couple other times this year it'd have helped us a great deal.

"We did some good things. They are a hard team to guard because of all those screens, but I thought our perimeter people really did a nice job getting around the screens, through the screens, being there for the catch. We wanted to try and dominate the inside area because we're bigger and I think we did that. 62 rebounds, and that means a lot of the shots were missed and hopefully our defense had something to do with that.

"It wasn't perfect by any means but I felt our kids were focused and trying to use this as a game to get better. And that's what we talked about with the guys." How is P.J. doing?

"It's a moderate sprain, that is the early diagnosis. He'll probably let you know on Twitter that he won't be able to play until July. But if he does he'll run a heck of a lot - if his ankle is bad he can run on his hands."

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A game like this is about building habits, right?

"Definitely. The thing I was most worried about coming into this game was how we'd start it. I think it was big for us to come out with intensity and we took a step forward maturity-wise tonight in not playing to the level of our competition. ... Coach came in at halftime and told us 'Don't worry about the score, just worry about doing things the right way and building good habits.'"

This starts nine-straight home games ...

"Hopefully we can get into a good rhythm and execute at home. Of course it's a lot easier to play at home, but I think it'll prepare us well for the stretch in the ACC."

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When you have a blowout game like this, what benefit is there for you?

"The biggest thing is we had to make sure we stayed focused all game, tried to improve. I think we improved offensively and defensively tonight. Because you can improve no matter what (the score), making sure you get to the right spots, and then looking at the film to figure out what you can get better at."

James Michael McAdoo and Desmond Hubert got some good minutes tonight, how are they coming along?

"James is getting better, he's working on finishing. And Desmond, that dunk he had was impressive and eight rebounds is impressive. They are both coming along well and I think they'll help us down the road."

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Do you see this home stretch as a chance to really improve this team?

"Absolutely. We have to keep that focus and listen to Coach. The loss to Kentucky motivated everybody, since we lost by one-point and we felt like we could have easily corrected some of the mistakes we made down the stretch. This game was good for us and the next game will be the same."

Can you talk about the lessons you all learned from UNLV and Kentucky and where that puts this team now?

"Last year, we beat Kentucky here and they beat us in the Elite Eight. I feel that can be reversed this year. We know how to beat them, we just made little mistakes that cost us the game down the stretch. We've just got to be more focused. Everybody is hungry and wants to play better."

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