Reaction from UNC Commitments, Part II

Following the announcement of the hiring of Larry Fedora as UNC's new head coach, talked with Tar Heel commitments Kedrick Davis, John Ferranto, Bryce Kennedy, and Dan Mastromatteo to get their reactions.


"I really didn't know who [Fedora] was at first," Davis said. "But I talked to the players and they told me what type of offense he runs – a spread offense. They said they had a team meeting today. I can't really say anything about him, because I don't know him yet – I haven't met him yet.

"It's hard being how [Everett Withers] and I have a close relationship. I look at it like it's just business. But I am going to take other official [visits], though. I'm going to visit Louisville and [Kentucky]. I'm going to Louisville next Friday.

"I know [Fedora] had a great season this year – he finished 11-2. I know he runs a spread offense, so that's a plus.

"I actually haven't talked to any of the coaches, which surprised me because when things happen Withers usually calls me. I'll probably give him a call [Friday].

"I spoke to Reggie Wilkins and Eric Ebron [on Wednesday]. Eric just said that it's a good thing being that it's a spread offense is coming and it would help Marquise [Williams] since he's a spread quarterback."


"In talking to Coach [Sam] Pittman the other day, I knew there was going to be a coaching change coming up," Ferranto said. "So I wasn't really too surprised by it.

"As far as Coach Fedora, I haven't had a chance to do much research on him. I'm sure he's a great coach or else he wouldn't have been hired. So I'm looking forward to talking to him.

"Coach Pittman recently came up and visited me. We talked about how [the hiring was coming]. He told me how something was going to happen probably by the end of this week. He told me to stay calm. I'll probably give him a call later on tonight and see what's going on.

"[The hiring] doesn't really affect [my commitment] too much. I know there's a new head coach and he's going to bring in his guys. Depending on who stays and who goes, that might change it up a little bit for me and open up some options. But right now, I'm still committed there."


"It's new to me," Kennedy said. "But Coach Pittman is coming in tomorrow to talk to me more in-depth about it. So I'm going to talk to him about it and do some research.

"It affects me. I want to know who my coach will be for sure before I say I'm definitely going to be going to that school. Probably after the Shrine Bowl, I'm going to try to get up there, talk to [Fedora], and see how he is and if he's a guy I want to be coached by or not.

"I don't know much about [Fedora] – not much."


"I was kind of surprised, but not really," Mastromatteo said. "I knew they were interviewing people. I knew Coach Withers did a good job and there was a chance he could get the job. They did what they thought was best. I haven't really had a chance to talk to [Fedora], because I don't think he's allowed yet.

"I talked to [Art Kaufman] earlier today and he said he won't really know any details until Sunday [regarding the coaching staff]. He said the only thing that he really knows is that Coach Fedora is the head coach.

"It doesn't affect [my commitment] much, because I anticipated this. I wish they would have given the job to Withers, but [Fedora] seems like a great coach and I look forward to talking to him. Right now, I'm still pretty strongly committed, but I have to see how it all works out."

"I've heard that [Fedora] was always a great assistant coach and he did good things at Southern Miss. Coach Kaufman said he has a great staff and the linebacker coach that's on his staff now is a great guy. Other than that he was a good offensive coordinator, I don't know much about [Fedora]."

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