Pinson Chats with Roy Williams

With a rare free night on their schedule, Theo Pinson and his father traveled to Chapel Hill to watch UNC's 84-78 win over Long Beach State on Saturday.

Pinson, a sophomore wing at High Point (N.C.) Wesleyan, previously attended a game at the Smith Center last season and unofficially visited Chapel Hill over the summer.

"We basically have an open invite to come to games at most of the area schools," Pinson Sr. said. "We looked on our schedule and it turned out they had a game. I called C.B. (McGrath) and they were happy to have us come up."

The Pinsons arrived on campus about an hour before the game, which allowed them to see UNC's pre-game rituals and spend some time with UNC head coach Roy Williams.

"We talked to Coach Roy for a little bit," said Pinson Sr. "He was basically giving us his resume. He talked about his accomplishments, what Carolina is about and the direction they're going. He showed us his office – which is really nice – and it has a Tyler Hansbrough National Player of the Year trophy in there, which is super huge."

After their initial chat with Williams, the Pinsons watched the Tar Heels' pre-game routine just before they took the floor.

"We toured the locker room and met all the players," said Pinson Sr. "Theo went in for the pre-game speech and was there when the team was going over the scouting report. It was great that he was able to experience that."

In October, Pinson was one of 27 class of 2013 and 2014 players selected to attend a USA Basketball mini-camp in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Pinson Sr. said the USA mini-camp was a chance to for his son to get better. He said the same thing about his visit to UNC on Saturday.

"When we go places, we're watching the wing guards and wing forwards, because there's always something you can learn," Pinson Sr. said. "We're trying to find anything to stay ahead of the learning curve. Instead of waiting until college or the next level, why not use what we see from all these great players like Kendall Marshall, Harrison Barnes and Reggie Bullock? If you see something good hopefully you can take it and mold it and help you improve in that area."

Following UNC's win, the Pinsons continued their conversation with Williams and discussed recruiting.

"He said Theo was a real great player and he loves his game," Pinson Sr. said. "He's going to come check him out soon."

A 6-foot-5 wing, Pinson is one of the top players in the class of 2014. He already has a long list of scholarship offers, including: Wake Forest, Syracuse, Duke, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, NCSU, Alabama and Florida State.

"He told us they just don't come out and make offers right away like a lot of people," Pinson Sr. explained. "But, they definitely have their eye on him."

UNC's offering process, according to Pinson, has been the subject of rumors and whispers from varying people on the high school scene. Hearing UNC's philosophy directly from Williams made an impression on the Pinsons.

"They might be the last one to offer, but their history and the school speaks for itself. Everyone knows what level they're on, so they can afford to come in and do what they do.

"To hear that from Coach Williams, it puts it all in perspective that that's just what they do. He likes to know the player; he likes to know who you are and your character and do his research on you before they start throwing out offers. Then if you're a good enough player and on the radar, they take it from there."

Pinson isn't likely to take many more visits this fall, as he focuses on his season. Wesleyan is 5-2 and will participate in the Holiday Invitational in Raleigh, beginning Dec. 26.

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