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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program this week? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Jones Angell ...

On Reggie Bullock's play over the last week:
"Reggie was big, especially in the Long Beach State game. We scored a lot of points against Evansville and the game was not in much doubt, but Reggie was huge for us against Long Beach State. I don't know if we win the game if somebody doesn't step forward, and this time it was Reggie. But he's a young man who hasn't had it as easy as some people have. He's done a great job. He's healthier now – knock on wood – that's the biggest thing, but he's also gotten better defensively, he's trying to do a better job on the backboards getting some rebounds for us. And we needed somebody to step up and make some shots against Long Beach State and it was Reggie that did it."

On Bullock looking to Jackie Manuel as a mentor:
"Jackie has been around the whole time that Reggie has been here as player, so they've had a great relationship anyway. It's something that Jackie's spending his time in the weight room, but he still talks to the guys. We don't have him on the bench or anything like that, but it started as a mentor thing as a player. And they all listen to me brag about Jackie. When Jackie played for me, everybody really thought his last name was Manuel-Williams because they thought I had adopted him and the players teased him about that stuff about being my son, but I said, ‘If you do all of the right things like Jackie does, then I'll adopt your rear end, too.' But I do think I've talked about Jackie a great deal to every team I've ever had.

"I was very, very lucky because I called him in and said, ‘Jackie, if you want to transfer, I will help you, but I can't have you shooting 92 three-point shots and making 20-something percent of them. Maybe that's not what you want to hear and if it's not, I'll help you.' And it was one of the luckiest things that has ever happened to me because Jackie said he wanted to stay and wanted to play for me. So I've always bragged on Jackie, what he did defensively, what he did to help our team, his sense of urgency to play and so the kids listened to that. Reggie's listened to those things as well."

On UNC's offensive play against Long Beach State:
"I was really discouraged with our play in the first half of the Long Beach State game because I thought we were relying too much on one guy getting his own shot, one guy beating the guy that was guarding him. We had a much better assist-error ratio in the second half, but also, the reason we didn't have as many assists in the first half is just because the shots weren't as good."

On UNC's unique way of charting assists:
"If Kendall Marshall comes down and throws it into John Henson and John Henson goes to lay it up and gets fouled, Kendall Marshall has done his job. So when we're grading the tape, we give Kendall Marshall a full assist for that. But in real play, they don't give an assist unless the basket is made. We also give half an assist just for throwing the ball because we feel the basketball has got to go inside. So for us, Kendall had 16 assists in the game Saturday, but he probably had 25 assists the way that we grade it."

On new UNC head football coach Larry Fedora:
"I was really impressed with him. I thought at the press conference he did a great job. He really did something, in my opinion, that was really good – he touched on all of the people that had been important to him. And he also touched on the people that he had talked with about the North Carolina job and the committee that interviewed him and the athletic director, and the people that helped Bubba [Cunningham]. It showed he's really organized.

"He's very aggressive, very outgoing, very gregarious, but there's some thought process that went in there. I was really impressed by him. I had a chance to visit with him for 10-15 minutes before the press conference. As a matter of fact, I've got a note in my pocket on a prospect that I saw today that I brought back. I've got to call him tonight and see if he wants to try to call this youngster that I found this afternoon. They already know about him, but it's not a bad phone call to make."

Have you talked to Leslie McDonald yet about his return timetable?
"No, but we are still planning on doing it during December. I'll wait to get one more report from the doctors, which I think will probably be in the next 7-8 days."

On Desmond Hubert:
"Desmond is just a wonderful kid. You always have kids that you just hope things fall in place for them because they're such wonderful kids and Desmond is one of those. He hasn't had the easiest life himself. But I'm hopeful that we'll be able to continue to get him some minutes. Eventually he's going to be fine. And defensively I would not be afraid to have him in the game right now. Now offensively, he's not ready to do it at this level, but at the same time, he's working on it every day."

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