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SPARTANBURG, S.C. --- Inside Carolina caught up with North Carolina Shrine Bowl assistant coaches Pete Gilchrist and Barry Shuford to discuss the two UNC verbal commitments on their roster – Damien Washington and Bryce Kennedy.

Pete Gilchrist, Receivers Coach, on Damien Washington:

"As a receiver playing slot, there are some things he didn't have to do in high school," Gilchrist said. "So those are the things he's trying to catch up on as we practice this week. But he's picking it up well. He catches the ball well, you can see the talent level is there, but some of the different things we're asking him to do he's catching up on.

"Any time we put him in the position he played in high school – using him as the motion man on the option – that fits him real well.

"He's definitely a playmaker. When you put his highlight film in, as soon as you put it in you know he makes plays. In all the film we watched, he was in the top five or six guys that we saw. As we classify them for Shrine Bowl purposes, he was a five-star guy, because he could make plays when you give him the ball – that was the type of guys we were trying to get into the game. We wanted guys that if you get them in space, they can make plays and I think that comes natural to him."

Barry Shuford, Offensive Line Coach, on Bryce Kennedy:

"We've worked him both sides at [offensive] tackle this week," Shuford said. "We're hoping to rotate him around so he could play both sides. We hope to rotate all three [tackles] around. We've had some injuries that we've had to adjust to, but [rotating at both tackles] is the plan.

"[Kennedy] was an unknown quantity. I've seen some junior film on him, I didn't see him at a combine, [and] he wasn't at the invite-only [Shrine Bowl practice]. But I've been real pleased with him [in practice this week].

"We had a couple [offensive linemen] that dropped off for us. When [Brock] Stadnik decided he wasn't going to play, [Kennedy] was the next one on our list to go play. [Shrine Bowl assistant coach Richard] Bailey played against him and said, ‘This is a kid we need to take.' That was fine with me, because we needed a big strong kid. It seemed like in the past, North Carolina has been overmatched strength wise, but [Kennedy] is a big, strong kid.

"He's a smart kid. He's going to know where to be, where to position himself. I can't wait to see him a little bit more full speed and moving his feet, because he's been injured. In the first day of contact, he picked everything up right away."

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