Rashad Excited to Talk to UNC Coaches

North Carolina pledge Shakeel Rashad has received phone calls from two different UNC coaches over the course of the last couple of weeks.

"I talked to Coach [Larry] Fedora two Saturdays ago," Rashad said. "And I talked to Coach [Dan] Disch, I want to say, Friday night."

Rashad's conversation with Fedora served as a quick introduction for the 6-foot-2, 220-pound linebacker from Jacksonville (Fla.) Episcopal.

"He asked me if I was excited to come up in and play – which I said ‘Of course,'" Rashad said. "He said we're going to have an exciting brand of football. And he asked me if I was ready to work when I came up – I'm definitely ready."

When Fedora was hired, Rashad did as much research on him as possible. All the descriptions Rashad heard proved true during their conversation.

"I already spoken to people that played for him at Southern Miss to learn some things about him," Rashad said. "[My conversation with Fedora] definitely reinforced everything I was told. He's exciting, he has a lot of energy, and he loves the game of football."

Disch is currently the defensive coordinator and safeties coach at Southern Miss under Fedora. Although Disch hasn't been officially named a coach at UNC, he is among the ten coaches permitted to recruit on behalf of the Tar Heels.

"I actually found out that [Disch] is from Jacksonville too," Rashad said. "He said he had great plans for the defense – it would be exciting, a lot of stunting and blitzing."

Disch didn't discuss the dynamic of UNC's coaching staff or the type of defense UNC will run during his conversation with Rashad.

"I've heard something about a 4-2-5 [defense] or possibly a 4-3, but [Disch or Fedora] didn't mention it," Rashad said. "Either way, I would be more than happy to play in whatever defense they use."

Rashad was just as impressed with Disch as he was Fedora.

"He sounded awesome," Rashad said. "He sounded like a great coach. He sounded the same way Coach Fedora did – excited about football, ready to play, very energetic."

Despite all the changes to UNC's staff since he verbally committed in early February, Rashad has never wavered on his commitment to the Tar Heels.

"Getting these coaches really excited me," Rashad said. "They are great coaches. My high school coach actually knew Coach Disch at some point and Coach [Art] Kaufman knew Coach Fedora, and everything I've heard from everyone has been great. I'm just really excited."

Rashad will take his last high school final exam Tuesday morning. He'll then arrive at UNC on Jan. 7 and begin taking classes the following Monday.

"I have a great mom that's handling all the paperwork for me," Rashad said. "She's been on top of all that and just tells me to sign the things I need to sign. I'm all set to enroll."

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