UNC-NSU: Postgame Quotes & Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes interviews with head coach Roy Williams and players following UNC's victory over Nicholls State on Monday.

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Opening comments:
"Well, I was really mad at the first group as you could probably tell. I let them sit there, and I really thought our second group got more active. For us to be the team we want to be, we have to be willing to invest. We have to do it on game night and not just talk about it. I did not get this team ready to play this game, and that was just bad coaching on my part. We weren't focused, we weren't ready to play and it is my job to make sure that those guys don't do that. It's a difficult three games in a five-day period when the third game [against Texas] is the big game that everyone is talking about. I didn't do a very good job of getting our kids to focus on Nicholls, but we dominated the boards because we are bigger and more gifted. We had a tremendous number of offensive rebounds because we missed so many shots. That's a bad thing right there. I would just as soon have us have no offensive rebounds and make every shot that we take.

"That was not the way that it was, but it was good for Reggie [Bullock] to have a double-double in nineteen minutes. We talked a great deal about him doing things other than shooting it. He didn't shoot the ball very well tonight: 2-8 from behind the three-point line, but 10 rebounds was good for him, and four from the offensive end. I was happy for Stewart [Cooper]. Those were his first points as a Tar Heel. So again, there were some good things. I wanted to get minutes for a lot of different guys, but I wanted to do it in different ways, not just because I was mad at the first group."

On what his team accomplished against Nicholls:
"Well, we are more gifted than Nicholls and the outcome of the game should not have been a question. Again, I did not get them to focus well in order to get better today. We did some things in the second half. I think the five guys that were in there, I think they gained from it. We are going to have games this year when James Michael [McAdoo], Reggie, P.J. [Hairston] and those guys have got to do some things for us. So, we gained something with that group. Again, I think the starters gained something when they came back in, so I do think we learned in a lot of different ways tonight. Today I really made a mistake, I told them to come in early and get some extra free throws in. You won't be hearing me say that anymore."

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On what Williams told the team at halftime:
"He said we've got to pick it up. We were doing a poor job of playing good defense. We wer e a little bit tired and the fatigue kicked in, but we were doing a poor job. He said when we go in to bring more intensity."

On the starters' mentality after being pulled early in the second half:
"I think everyone was even more hungry to get back in. We knew that we were going to beat this team, and we can't have that mindset. We have to go out there like we're playing Texas and keep our focus."

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On the slow start:
"I thought we were going to come out with a little more fire than we did, getting prepared for Texas. We can't look ahead to other teams next time. We've just got to come out and take that opponent and play hard from the beginning."

On the team not giving consistent effort for 40 minutes:
"Coach said we're not good enough players to be able to turn it off and turn it on. The only player that he knows that could do that was Michael Jordan... We've just got to keep that consistency of playing hard throughout the whole game."

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What was your group thinking when Coach sent you in for the starters early in the second half?
"Just play harder. Because when he called time out, he said, '7 o'clock practice,' so in my mind, I'm like, 'Okay, we've got to go out and play harder to try to spark this run.' We went out and got steals, got our hands in the lane, got big offensive rebounds, Reggie hit a big shot and got transition layups back and forth."

On the free throw issues:
"Focus is probably the main thing. Some people were supposed to get up free throws earlier in shootaround. We got up shots and, of course, we hit them in shootaround, but in front of a crowd, you're not focused and you're worried about the crowd and people are talking to you. I think focus is just the main thing."

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