UNC Recruiters Call Ferranto

North Carolina verbal commitment John Ferranto received a phone call from Larry Fedora, the Tar Heels' newly hired head coach, over a week ago. That call was followed by a second conversation with another UNC recruiter.

"[The conversation with Fedora] was more of an introductory type call," Feranto said. "He just introduced himself. He told me what he's about. And he asked me how I was doing."

While that conversation was brief, it was tailed by an even longer phone call on Friday with Chris Kapilovic. Kapilovic has been Southern Miss' offensive line coach the past four years and is one of the ten coaches permitted to recruit for UNC.

"Coach Kap', the new offensive line coach, gave me a call the other day," Ferranto said. "He introduced himself and let me know what he's all about. [The conversation] was maybe 15 minutes and it was about how he was, how he coached, and everything."

Kapilovic's recruitment of Ferranto, a 6-foot-5, 250-pound offensive tackle from Burlington Township (N.J.), likely means Sam Pittman, UNC's current offensive line coach, won't be retained by Fedora.

"I'm not going to lie – Coach Pittman was a big reason why I chose North Carolina," Ferranto said. "I don't really think you could compare Coach Pittman to any other coach that I've ever met. He's his own character in himself.

"But I'm not second guessing the decision I made [to commit to UNC]. I'm looking forward to meeting the coaches and learning a little more about them."

Ferranto will receive his best chance to met UNC's new coaching staff during his official visit, which is tentatively schedule for the weekend of Jan. 14.

In the meantime, Ferranto'S Friday phone call with Kapilovic served as a good introduction to his potentially future position coach.

"Coach Kap' said he knows Coach Pittman pretty well," Ferranto said. "They worked at Kansas together. He seemed like a real enthusiastic guy. It's hard to figure from one conversation, but he seemed like a good coach. I'm excited to learn more about him."

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