Phone Calls Ease Heck

North Carolina pledge Jon Heck fielded phone calls from Larry Fedora and Chris Kapilovic, within the last couple of weeks.

"I spoke to Coach Fedora just a week ago and I spoke to Coach Kap' just a few days ago," Heck said. "I got a chance to talk to both of them for about ten minutes on the phone.

"I've absolutely, completely been 100-percent Carolina [since committing]. But after talking to them, I feel even better."

Heck's father is an assistant coach with the Jacksonville Jaguars and his former Jacksonville (Fla.) Bolles teammate, Jamil Murray, is currently a freshman linebacker at Southern Miss. As soon as Fedora was officially named UNC's head coach, Heck, a 6-foot-6, 270-pound offensive lineman, made sure to tap those resources.

"From Jamil and other coaches that know [Fedora], I've heard nothing but great things about him," Heck said. "Jamil said that he's a great coach and said he loved playing for him."

All the positives Heck heard shined through during his first conversation with Fedora.

"When I talked to [Fedora], he sounded like a great guy," Heck said. "So I can't wait to play for him.

"He told me he was excited – excited to be my coach and excited to coach North Carolina. He mentioned that he knew my coach Corky Rogers from when he was a coach at Florida he recruited a lot of kids out of my high school. He told me he was very familiar with my school, my coach, and the quality kids that come out of there."

Kapilovic, who has coached Southern Miss' offensive line the past four years, hasn't been officially hired by UNC yet. However, he's been permitted to recruit on UNC's behalf.

"[Kapilovic] just wanted to introduce himself and start building a relationship with me," Heck said. "He just talked about the offense that they're going to be running, the blocking schemes that I'll be fitting into, and he was giving background information of himself. It was good to learn a little bit about him."

As Fedora made clear during his introductory press conference, UNC will run a one-back spread offense.

"It's all zone stuff," Heck said. "The one thing [Kapilovic] said that I really liked was even though they're a spread team, they still put a big emphasis on running the ball and averaged over 200 yards a game rushing. They run a lot of inside zone stuff, a lot of no huddle, quick passes – I can't wait."

As Inside Carolina has reported, UNC's current offensive line coach Sam Pittman won't be retained under Fedora. Pittman was a major reason why Heck chose UNC.

"It's too early for me to really compare [Kapilovic and Pittman], since Coach Pittman had been recruiting me for so long and I only spoke to Coach Kap' once on the phone," Heck said. "But, I've also heard great things about Coach Kap'. A coach who works with my dad is close to him and has said nothing but great things about him. So I'm looking forward to getting a chance to getting to know Coach Kap'."

Heck will receive plenty of chances after the holidays to get to know Kapilovic. Heck has an official visit schedule for the last weekend in January and Kapilovic plans on making several in-home visits through the month.

"[Fedora and Kapilovic] both mentioned that they planned on making some in-home visits," Heck said. "They didn't set a specific date, but when Coach Fedora told me he planned on visiting the house before I make my official."

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