Coach quotes on Marvin Williams

Adam Sedlik, the head coach of Marvin Williams' Rotary Select AAU team, talks about his star forward - who will visit UNC in two weeks.

Describing Marvin Williams' game -

"With Marvin, he's one of the top recruits nationally and what sets him apart is not just his basketball on the court, but off the court he's such a great kid. I'm sure a lot of coaches would say that about their kids, but if you don't know Marvin and meet him for the first time, everybody I've talked to comes away with the same impression. He's a legitimate 6-8. Right now as far as high school basketball, especially here in the state of Washington he's been a 4 or a 5, but he has skills and will probably be a 3 or 4 in college.

"I know in the summer I try to get him on the perimeter some, play him at the three, play him at the four. I never play him at the five. He's able to dribble, he's able to pass, he's able to shoot. Things to work on: his footwork on the perimeter as far as defense and learning how to use his length and his size. He could always work on his ballhandling, and he's a great kid, and he has great work ethic, and I think those are the strengths of Marvin Williams."

On how Marvin's schedule for college visits are shaping up?

"He went to Arizona this past weekend, he's going to do the home visit here at the University of Washington this week and then I believe June 13th he'll be headed out to North Carolina. His thinking about that is that he wanted to get some visits under his belt before the whole summer thing started up. He wanted to get a feel for some of these visits and the way he's taking them is sort of weird because he's still pretty open, but he's started picking his visits just on the schools that started recruiting him the earliest, that showed the initial interest him. He's just remained loyal to them as far as going to see their schools.

"He's visiting schools in no particular order as far as what he's thinking about first, second or third, that's just how it turned out based on availability for the visits. Then I know after the summer, when he comes back and starts school in September I know he's going to take two more visits. There are some schools that are close enough to make some unofficial visits as well. I know he's been to Kansas on an unofficial visit, but I think he's going to go back because that first one was under the old coaching staff, and now with the new coaching staff I pretty much assume he'll take a visit to Kansas and then Oregon is also involved because he's really good friends with Aaron Brooks who played for us last year."

On the coaching change at Kansas -

"I asked Marvin about that and the thing with him is he loves Coach Williams but at the same time he loves Kansas. Bremerton is more of a smaller city, it's not quite as big as Seattle itself. It's a similar setting and town atmosphere to Lawrence, Kansas which I think appeals to Marvin a lot. Not to mention that their basketball is big time at Kansas.

He really hit it off with Coach Williams and I think a lot of people were just assuming he would definitely go to North Carolina when Roy left, but that's not necessarily the case. Kansas is still in the running. I've met the new staff there. Coach Self and Coach Roberts, I've both talked to and they're really good guys. Like I said, I think the fact it's Kansas is really appealing to Marvin so it's not an automatic 'check them off the list now.'"

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