UNC Game Impresses Williams

A week after Troy Williams picked up a scholarship from Roy Williams and the Tar Heels, the Top 10 junior made a trip to Chapel Hill for UNC's game against Texas.

"I had a real good time," Williams said. "I met some of the fans and signed a couple of autographs for the fans. That was the first time for me doing that. I saw Coach Roy after the game.

"I've never been to a game like that," he added. "We were sitting courtside and the fans were right behind me. It was crazy."

What stood out about the game?

"The fans, for real," Williams, a standout at Hampton (Va.) Phoebus, said. "Out of 24,000 people, 23,500 people were in baby blue. Their UNC pride is crazy."

Following the game against the Longhorns, Williams met with the Carolina head coach. The 6-6 small forward from Hampton (Va.) Phoebus said the conversation between the two stayed away from discussing basketball.

"It went good," Williams said of their chat. "He was really talking about me as a person not just on the basketball court and not just a guy that can put the ball in the hoop. He wanted to know how I am off the court."

"He had some (Phoebus) students tell him about me and a parent told him how I was as a person," he added. "He said he doesn't offer kids scholarship just based off on the court, he wants to know how they are as a person and about their grades."

With the recent scholarship offer, North Carolina made it clear that they wanted to turn up their recruitment on Williams. Those sentiments were relayed again during the unofficial visit.

"They are going to recruit me hard," Williams said. "He said they would love to have me there."

On the court, Williams was impressed with North Carolina's chemistry.

"How well they play together on the court [stood out]," Williams said. " When John Henson was on the court and got a pass from Dexter and gave it back to Dexter they were smiling and having fun out there. I can tell that they are real close on the court."

"Their point guard, Kendall Marshall, he's one of the best point guards I've seen so far. They all trust each other and they have a real good point guard that they trust to get them the ball so I guess it'd be good to play at a place like that."

The next step in Williams recruitment is to narrow his list of schools to five. Williams plans to do that next week.

"By December 31st I should have it and I'm probably going to release it the same day," he said.

Williams's current list of scholarship offers include North Carolina, Villanova, Georgetown, Kentucky, Louisville, Miami, Florida, Texas, DePaul, Virginia Tech and Alabama.

"So far with my decision I was thinking after AAU season but now I'm thinking probably the first week into the AAU season, maybe after the first tournament."

Williams's next visit will be to Kentucky on December 31st for their game against Louisville.

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