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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes interviews with head coach Roy Williams, John Henson, P.J. Hairston and Reggie Bullock, as well as Monmouth head coach King Rice, who spoke to the media following UNC's 102-65 victory on Sunday.

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Opening comments:
"It's been a long stretch here of these non-conference games at home. Now we're getting ready to start our conference regular season, and our play is going to have to go up a level. I've been really pleased with our attendance...we've gone seven games in a row at home without the students here...I think 18,000 is the fewest number we've had so it's been really nice for us to have the fans support us like that. We appreciate that. Hopefully, now that we are getting into conference play, they will come out in more force and be more enthusiastic and be into it even more. It's been a tough home stretch, not tough each game, necessarily, because that's not what happened. But we didn't want it like this. We wanted a couple of road games in there, but it just didn't work out. So trying to get people to come on one stretch of Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, and then Thursday and Sunday. It's been hard. I really appreciate what our fans have done. But now, just like my team, they've got to raise their level, just like my team has to.

"In the first half, I took out a couple of things that I said to them about our rebounding. Other than that, I thought we were really effective. We made shots. In the first half we were six for 11 from the three-point line, and had a nice rebound margin and the whole thing was really good. But there were a couple of silly turnovers and a couple of times we didn't get the board coverage were the only times I had anything negative to say to them at halftime.

"In the second half it got ragged. We, as all teams, or at least every team I've ever coached, it's hard to be up by 20 at half and expect to win by 50 every time. You've got to give King [Rice]'s club some credit. I told number 13 when I was over there waiting for him on the sideline, I said, `save some of those dadgum [threes]. Use them more effectively and more efficiently in some of the other games.' But he was six for eight from the three-point line. I knew King's club would never quit. They kept trying to do what they wanted to do and kept trying to do what they practice every day. He's going to be an outstanding coach. He's going through a tough time right now, but he's going to be an outstanding coach and, that program will be in great shape later on."

On the Carolina coaching tree:
"It was started by Coach [Frank] McGuire and Coach [Dean] Smith enhanced it in every area. I feel very fortunate to just be the guy who's sort of in charge of it. And I say sort of in charge, because I don't know if I'm in charge or if those guys in the short pants are in charge. This program is the best basketball family there is in college basketball. It has done it for years and years, and it's never backed up. I'm proud to be involved with it...except when I was going down to the end of the bench to shake hands, it doesn't feel good, because that's King. That's a guy I recruited, and I was almost apologizing because we made so many shots in the first half and you feel for that other guy. But, this is a special place. King and Derrick [Phelps] and Brian [Reese] have been a part of it. I thought that was a big deal, that ovation they gave King before the game. I started to go down there to tell him to raise his hand and waive at them. I started to say, `I'm not your coach now but get your dadgum hand up.' So he waived at them a little bit and that had to make him feel good too."

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On the win:
"It was a good game. I hit a few shots today so they were falling and hopefully I can do it more consistently."

On the 18-3 run near the end of the first half:
"That's how we want to play at all times. That flurry is kind of what we do, going on runs. And that's what we did when that happened."

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On ACC play:
"It's a lot of competition because teams like us and Duke are the teams to beat, so teams are really coming at us and really want to play hard against us and try to beat us."

On his first time facing the ACC schedule:
"I was talking with Reggie, we were on the bench talking about how quick No. 2 was Monmouth, Jesse Steele. I said, 'Man, he's moving fast.' And Reggie said, 'There's going to be a lot of players that are a lot quicker than that in ACC play.' And he started naming off different players in the ACC and I said, 'Well, I guess I'm going to get to find out.'"

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On the week ahead:
"We were a little sluggish in the second half, but we've just got to come in and have effective practices, just go hard in practice every day to get prepared with conference [play] coming up."

On the ACC season:
"It's going to mean a lot to me because I didn't play in half of the games [last year]. I've just got to come back in. I really never played, so I'm playing it again like a freshman. Just coming in and playing my game, being able to knock down shots and then just doing anything I can do to help my team win."

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Opening comments:
"I just want to start off by thanking Coach Williams for the opportunity to come back and play in front of the Carolina fans and for the opportunity of bringing my team down here to see the things that I was blessed to be apart of. That's great that he did that for us. He has really been helping me a lot for the past seven or eight years and I thank him and all of the coaches. They've got a really good team. I'm proud of my kids. My kids really battled today. As I told them, `guys, we fought as hard as we could, they are just better than us. But I am proud of my kids. I am happy that we got this opportunity and I'm happy that I have got these two guys [Phelps and Reese] with me for us all to be able to experience this."

On Rice's ovation during pregame:
"The ovation at the beginning of the game was unbelievable. I didn't expect that. It was very nice of the fans. I'm a true Carolina guy and what better feeling can you get than when the fans give you a standing ovation."

On decision to jump 5-foot-8 Jesse Steele against Henson:
"I asked these guys in the locker room, `hey, should we have Jesse jump center against Henson?' and they said, `no.' And then we went out there and when I saw Lennie Rosenbluth, I said, `We're doing it!' It just didn't work the way it worked in '57."

On being noticed as a Tar Heel:
"When you go out on the road, or when you go anywhere, people know Carolina and they remember when we played. When we go recruiting, kids know because their parents tell them. I don't think there is any other place that the former guys get treated the way we do."

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