Squires Invitational: Jason Fraser

Jason Fraser

As Coach Doherty witnessed courtside on Saturday, Jason Fraser is a shot-blocking machine. With long arms that form an impressive wingspan, Fraser ruled the paint on defense. In the early minutes of his second game, he swatted three shots during one possession. The opposing team quickly learned to back the ball out when they saw No. 20 lurking by the hoop. We'd estimate he had about six blocks in each of the two games we saw.

Fraser's teammates on the Long Island Panthers struggled to feed him the ball on offense. Errant entry passes and poor ball movement visibly frustrated Fraser, who made it clear he wanted the ball. When he did get the ball down low, there was simply no stopping him. One quick fake and turn, and the smaller opponent was being dunked on. Fraser also displayed a soft touch from short range.


School list: "Maryland, Illinois, North Carolina, St. John's, Connecticut and Villanova."

Draw to go to school in NYC?: "I don't know yet whether I want to go to school close to home."

College position: "I'm the big man - I want to play center."

Favorite coaches: "I like Doherty's personality, and [SJU's Mike] Jarvis, because he tells it like it is."

Thoughts on Tristian Smith, the senior teammate who will attend St. John's this fall: "That's my boy. I'm real tight with him. It'll play a role in my decision, but it's just one of a lot of [deciding factors]."

Planned visits: "St. John's, North Carolina - those two are definite."

Junior season averages: "21 points, 15 rebounds, eight blocks and six assists."

Strengths: "My pride and joy is defense, and I can pass the ball very well. And, at the same time, you can't leave me open - I can hit the gimme's. But, defense is my No. 1 strength."

Needs work: "I've got to get bigger, stronger - and I've got to work on my handle and my jumpshot."

College he roots for: "Believe it or not, I never used to really watch college ball until this year. I'd just watch the NBA - I love the Knicks and Patrick Ewing."

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