Boo Williams Invitational: Shavlik Randolph

In case you didn't already know, or just needed a reminder, Shavlik Randolph is very, very good.

Rarely does a 6-10 high school kid have the refined skills that Randolph possesses. On offense, he can hit the jumper from short, mid-range, or beyond the arc. He can beat defenders off the dribble, post up, hit the fadeaway shot, or make a tough pass to an open teammate.

On defense, he blocks shots and rebounds strong. You won't see a whole lot of emotion on Randolph's face, as he's all business; a sort of quiet warrior. We watched a player of about 275 pounds land on Randolph's head, but he jumped right up and didn't miss a beat.

It's tough to argue that he doesn't deserve his ranking atop the junior class.

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