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Shavlik Randolph
6-9, 206 pounds
Broughton (NC)

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10/1: IC learned today that Randolph will announce a commitment to Duke at a Wednesday press conference.

9/21: Randolph withdrew his comment at IC two days that Duke was the leader. "I never said that," Randolph told the N&O. "I never said anyone was my leader. I said Duke was among the ones at the top of my list. There is no leader." (Friday Shav Links)

9/19: Jeff Goodman provided IC with an exclusive Randolph update.

"I think it would be fair to say that Duke is the leader," says the 6-foot-10, 210-pound Raleigh Broughton High (N.C.) senior. "Coach K really had a great in-home visit. He has so much passion and they have a real good recruiting class. But it's not written in stone yet..." (Randolph Outlook: Not So Good)

9/11: "There was no commitment made last night," Kenny Randolph told The Devils Den, "however it was a truly great meeting with a lot of information coming from Coach K and Coach Wojo about Shavlik's potential place at Duke University." Duke In-Home Recap

9/10: "Over the past year, we've gotten to know the coaching staff very well, so this was more of a formal visit where we could talk," Shavlik's father, Kenny, told IC Sunday night, as Shavlik was unavailable for comment" ... Recapping UNC's Sunday night in-home with Shavlik

9/7: Clint Jackson gives an up-close take as Randolph shows off his complete game ... Virtual Shavlik Randolph.

8/31: Randolph's visit schedule ...

In-Home Visits - UNC (9/9), Duke (9/10), N.C. State (9/11), Florida (9/13), Kansas (9/16)

Official Visits - Kansas (9/8), Duke (9/22), N.C. State (9/29), UNC (10/13), Florida (11/17)

8/22: Exclusive - Shavlik Randolph Video!

8/20: IC's Insider Zeke Martins reports that Randolph will take an official visit to Chapel Hill the weekend of Oct. 13, which includes Midnight Madness. Randolph attended last year's Midnight event as well. He'll receive an in-home visit from Matt Doherty on Sept. 9. Duke, Florida and Kansas will also have visits and in-homes with Randolph.

8/5: It might not necessarily affect his recruitment, but Randolph played basketball with Michael Jordan last week, as he was a counselor at Jordan's camp in California.

"Playing with Jordan is a childhood dream come true," Kenny Randolph told the N&O

7/25: Think Randolph is in a hurry to make a decision? Think again. "A school that really wants me will wait on me," he told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. (link)

7/14: "Shavlik Randolph is all business. There were no smiles or laughs, just a gritty demeanor with visible dissatisfaction and even a few uncharacteristic swears" ... Peach Jam: Shavlik Randolph

7/13: After being slowed at the Nike Camp by his slowly healing ankle, Randolph put forth a gutsy Peach Jam performance, averaging about 20 points and 10 rebounds per game.

"His usual explosiveness around the rim still is missing, and his three-pointers weren't falling, but he still managed to have a great impact ... Shav's play against the powerful Oklahomans spoke volumes about his toughness; he moved very well without the ball and fought the likes of Shelden Williams, Kevin Bookout and Julius Lamptey under the boards in a grueling battle that left him completely sapped after the game. Randolph's court awareness and mid-range shooting will make him a lethal, lethal scorer in college. Now he needs to get healthy and put on some muscle." --'s Rob Harrington.

6/29: Two weeks after writing about the possibility of Randolph going pro, the N&O has written another, again focusing on considering the NBA Draft. "I think it definitely shows that if you're going to be a top-five or top- 10 pick for sure, then you need to go ahead and go," Randolph said. (link)

6/25: Randolph appeared to he almost fully recovered from his ankle injury (suffered last month) while playing at the State Games this past weekend. Randolph averaged just under 32 points as Broughton went undefeated over seven games, beating West Forsyth 64-40 Sunday afternoon in Raleigh.

6/24: The Greensboro News & Record has a feature on Randolph this morning. While there are no indications which college he may end up, the topic of the NBA is included.

"Playing in the NBA is Shavlik's ultimate goal," Kenny Randolph told the N&R. "If he's assured of being a top-five or top-10 draft choice, it will be hard for him to ever be drafted any higher."

"My goal has been to play college basketball, and I'll try to make a college decision before my senior season begins," Shavlik told the N&R. "People nowadays just aren't patient, and some players go (to the NBA) before they're ready. But an opportunity to play in the NBA isn't something you can take lightly. (link)

6/9: It appears that Randolph is likely to make a decision sooner than the Spring Signing Period, which is when he previously had said he would decide. "If it happens next month, I'll make my decision next month," he told the News & Observer. His father, Kenny, said: "We by no means are going to drag this out," said his father, Kenny Randolph. "After he's seen [Kansas and Stanford - the two schools on his list that he has yet to visit], maybe he says, 'Dad, that's it. I've seen enough.' He's got such great choices there isn't a bad choice."

The article actually focuses on the possibility of Randolph entering the NBA Draft. He's going to consider going straight to the NBA, but understands the importance of college. "If you miss college, you're missing a huge level," he said. "I think going to college helps you to improve a lot more once you get to the NBA." (link)

6/7: Gregg Doyel of the Charlotte Observer has written an epic feature on Randolph. Here's an excerpt:

Assistants usually handle daily correspondence, but North Carolina coach Matt Doherty has made Shavlik a personal crusade. "He writes more than anyone," Shavlik says.

Today, two letters from Doherty. One has pictures of both coaches in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, Milwaukee's George Karl and Philadelphia's Larry Brown. "(Both) learned their basketball at UNC," Doherty writes. "I'm in pretty good company."

The other letter includes a recent Observer article about Dean Smith Center renovations. "The best facility in the country," Doherty reminds Shavlik. (Randolph sets off recruiting battle unlike any Tobacco Road has ever seen)

5/31: It was a tough weekend for Randolph. On first impression, he looked sluggish. Once it was learned that he was playing with a bone chip in his ankle (which will keep him out of action for the next month), his performance was understandable. An injured Randolph averaged 15.4 points and endured heavy criticism from those in attendance for not looking spectacular. Randolph is a good player when injured and a great player when healthy. The Devils Den reports Randolph has withdrawn from the USA Festival Camp, but is expected to be healthy in time for the NBA Camp and he should be ready to go for the Nike All-American Camp in early July.

"It's unfortunate that those who attended the T.O.C. didn't get to see the real Shavlik, the most skilled big man in this class. What amounts to a chipped bone in his ankle hobbled him and the pressure of being the best prospect in a basketball-crazed area is tough to juggle. However, he did average 15 points for the tournament. Toss this event out because he's much better than what was seen this weekend. Trust me, this kid has a little Tim Duncan in him – though not nearly as good a rejector – and he'll take center stage the month of July." -- Dave Telep (BlueChipHoops)

"Let the Shav Backlash begin. .... The 6-10 BF from Raleigh (NC) Broughton -- arguably the most hyped rising senior in America going into the summer -- didn't have the greatest of weekends in large part because of a chipped bone in his ankle. .... But no one wants to hear that. .... They just want to get on the Shav's-not-so-good bandwagon. .... Note to those who feel that way: Don't believe the talk. .... Shav -- on a good day, on a healthy day, on most any day -- is one of the top five prospects in the Class of 2002. .... Throw this weekend out." -- Michael Kruse (PrepStars)

5/17: Part II of Goodman's story is up.

"Right now if I'm a lock for Duke, I don't know about it," says Randolph. "Duke's very high on the list, but right now I'm not a lock for anyone." (LINK: The Big Easy)

5/16: Jeff Goodman has published Part I of his epic feature on Shavlik Randolph.

"To me, [Shavlik] deserves to be the number one player in the class," says Latta High (S.C.) junior point guard and North Carolina-bound Raymond Felton. "He's got all parts of the game. He can put the ball on the floor, he's got incredible moves inside and he can go outside. There isn't any kind of shot he can't do. Plus, he's a good kid and has great work ethic." (LINK: Shav Country)

5/1: Clint Jackson, a contributor/poster and author of the HighMajorHoops newsletter, interviewed Randolph: "I would say my post game and mid-range game is a mixture of Larry Bird and Tim Duncan, while my outside game is similar to Michael Dunleavy and Bird." (link)

4/29: As Randolph leads his Raleigh Heat team to wins in the NC AAU Championships, local papers can't help but profile the state's, and perhaps the nation's, top talent.

"But nothing is quite like one of North Carolina's latest ploys to sign Randolph, a 6-foot-10, 210-pound junior from Raleigh Broughton High. Recently, Randolph received a picture of Michael Jordan wearing none other than a "Shav-Country" T-shirt, which Broughton fans wore throughout this past season." (Charlotte Observer story)

"North Carolina and Duke are locked in a fierce recruiting battle for Randolph. He includes Florida and N.C. State (along with the Tar Heels and Blue Devils) on his short list, although he would jump straight to the NBA if he is a lottery pick." (Gaston Gazette story)

4/23: In an interview with The Devils Den, Kenny Randolph clarifies the reports about his son's interest in the NBA. It appears the N&O article, see 4/22 below, misinterpreted quotes.

"We have known for a while know the NBA is interested in Shavlik, and we know there are scouts at some of his games," the elder Randolph said. "It is certainly an honor for Shav, but we have not talked to the NBA, and we are most certainly NOT pursuing a jump straight from high school." (link)

4/22: Randolph discussed his pro potential with some NBA scouts, and now entering the NBA Draft straight out of high school is an option.

"As parents, we would much prefer that Shavlik have the college experience," Kenny Randolph, Shavilk's father, told the N&O. "But realistically, you have to look at the professional option. Shav wants to do things for people. He is just that kind of person. When you think about the salaries the NBA is paying kids right out of high school now, you aren't talking about money, you're talking about great wealth. You can do a lot of good." (link)

4/19: Randolph made an unofficial visit to Florida this past weekend. "It was an eye-opening experience for Shav," Kenny Randolph, his father, told the N&O. "He saw there is another whole world out there. I can see why Florida gets so many of the top players each year." (link - scroll down)

4/10: "The 6-10 forward from Raleigh's Broughton High isn't as good as advertised: he's better. The guy simply knows how to score, and can get the job done from anywhere on the floor ..." (Analysis from Boo Williams)

4/9: "In case you didn't already know, or just needed a reminder, Shavlik Randolph is very, very good ... " (Photos and Analysis)

3/3: In the state's East Regional 4-A boys semifinal, Randolph scored 33 points, grabbed 22 rebounds and blocked seven shots as Broughton advanced to a rematch with Anthony Richardson and Leesville. (iHigh link)

2/24: Randolph was in Chapel Hill last night playing CHHS in the second round of the state playoffs. He scored 33 points and grabbed 15 rebounds. (link)

1/25: Randolph was seated behind the Tar Heel bench at the Dean Dome last night, as UNC beat Virginia.

1/2: Randolph was named Most Outstanding Player at the Roundball Classic in Charleston, SC, averaging 29.0 points and 10.0 rebounds, according to The Devils Den.

12/15: has two streaming video clips of Randolph on their site today: iHigh Video

12/8:According to, Randolph posted 53 points and 14 rebounds Wednesday night, beating Durham (NC) Jordan 72-65.

12/3: Randolph attended the UNC/Kentucky game in Chapel Hill yesterday.

11/2: Randolph was at Cameron Indoor Stadium for the taping of ESPN's preview show.

10/31: He attended N.C. State's Red-White Game, then left at halftime to watch Duke's Blue-White exhibition. Randolph told The Devils Den: "I know that Duke, State, and UNC will be in my final list of whatever."

10/17: Randolph was in Chapel Hill for a three-day unofficial visit. He and his father attended Friday night's "Midnight with Matt and the Tar Heels" at Carmichael Auditorium, where Shavlik was greeted with cheers from the crowd and numerous signs urging him to come to Carolina.

On Saturday, the Randolphs attended a team practice and then the tailgate party with the Tar Heel team followed by an afternoon at Kenan for the football game.

Still in Chapel Hill on Monday, Shavlik sat with the basketball team at the Dean Dome for Monday night's NBA exhibition of Toronto vs. Philadelphia. The Randolphs were spotted postgame touring the locker room. (Randolph spends long weekend in Chapel Hill)

10/11: Randolph Player Card: "Randolph is skilled way beyond his years in the post and on the perimeter. Soft touch from all over the floor. Very cerebral player that uses defenders body positioning against them. A master of footwork and fakes on the interior and finishes well with both hands. Randolph is a very controlled and disciplined player that makes great decisions on the floor. Defensively, he is a very good shot blocker that doesn't leave his feet until the precise time and positions his body well to grab numerous rebounds. Hustles up the floor on every possession and has great stamina in a fast paced game. Tremendous basketball player that will be a star on the collegiate level."

10/6: Randolph visited Wake Forest, which included a meeting with the coaching staff and attending pickup games.

9/19: The Raleigh News & Observer discusses the various recruiting methods coaches have taken with Randolph. Florida's Billy Donovan sent 12 packages and five letters all in one day, and Coach Doherty signed a note to Randolph "Air Doherty."

9/19:Two analysts review Randolph's play at the Charlie Weber Invitational:

"Watching Randolph play the game of basketball is quite simply a thing of beauty. He can beat his defender up the floor and establish great position on the block and when he receives the ball, he quickly turns to face the hoop, usually resulting in putting the ball on the floor or directly shooting over the top of the defense. His outside shot is pure and he shoots it well with pressure." -- Clint Jackson

"The legend continues. Randolph seemingly arrives to play, punches in his time card and collects 30 points and 15 rebounds every time out. Simply put, he's the most skilled big man in the Class of 2002 and he plays like it almost every time out." -- Dave Telep.

9/12: Paul Swann of AEHoops at the Southern Invitational -- "I sat for most of his first game on Saturday and marveled at his superb footwork and ambidexterity in the paint. I was intrigued by a 6-10 beanpole that could stroke long range J's with a whisper soft touch. But, when he came from the low right block to the high post, received a pass from the left wing, used a shot fake, took one dribble to his right, and elevated a foot and a half over the rim for a Larry Nance-type monster jam in traffic, that's when I said, 'OK, I've seen enough. This boy can play.'"

9/11: Michael Kruse of ACCToday -- "He's not showy, he's not flashy, but he can be devastatingly effective. Jump hooks. Mini jumpers. Layups. Quiet dunks. Range isn't a problem, either. Whatever. It doesn't matter. The ball's going in the basket."

9/10: reports Florida coach Billy Donovan flew up to Raleigh this week to make an appearance at the school that Randolph attends. "He came into the parking lot just to wave at Shavlik and let him see him," said HMH's source.

9/8: Randolph visited both Duke and N.C. State this past weekend.

8/31: Dave Telep reports Randolph was offered a scholarship by the UNC staff during his visit last week. He has now unofficially visited all four of the big ACC schools in the state of North Carolina: UNC, Duke, N.C. State, and Wake Forest.

8/25: "This highly skilled big man can face at the arc, knock down the three, or create the drive with the dribble. He is surprisingly effective on the blocks despite his lack of bulk because of his quick feet." -- Future Stars

8/18: We've been informed that Randolph made an unofficial visit to UNC on Wednesday.

7/26: Frank Burlison of FOXSports -- "Anyone who watched the Raleigh Heat's 95-84 victory over Team Texas Red on Court 1 late Tuesday [at the AAU Nationals] immediately filed the performance of Shavlik Randolph under the absolutely "fabulous" category. The 6-foot-9 junior-to-be scored 47 points to lead the North Carolina players past heir Dallas-based counterparts, using about every variety of post and perimeter move in the process."

4/4: Averaged 20 points, 10 rebounds and 4 blocks per game as a sophomore. The first sophomore to be named the NC CAP 8 Player of the Year since Pete Maravich.

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