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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- UNC head coach Roy Williams updated James Michael McAdoo's injury status and broke down his four 2012 signees during his live radio show on Monday night.

Injury update on James Michael McAdoo:
"James Michael played in the game Saturday with a sprained ankle and wasn't very effective, and the ankle did swell even more on Sunday. So more than likely -- and I said this last week, but he just thought he felt so much better on Saturday -- more than likely I won't play him tomorrow night. And that means [Justin] Watts or Desmond [Hubert] will get a little more time, and we can also slide Harrison [Barnes] down to the 4, and get Harrison and Reggie [Bullock] or Harrison and P.J. [Hairston] in the game at the same time as well."

On Kendall Marshall being named a finalist for the Cousy Award:
"Well, I think Kendall should be on that list, to be honest with you. They will narrow it down to a final five a little bit later and I think he'll be one of those as well. He's really having an outstanding year for us. He made a very bad pass Saturday in the game when we had a lob pass for Harrison called and Harrison on top of John wouldn't have caught it. And I chastised him a little bit and took him out of the game and then I thanked Stilman [White], because Stilman came in and played about 30 seconds. I told him I appreciated him coming in because it gave me 30 seconds that I could yell at Kendall and Stilman as a good teammate said, ‘Coach, I'm willing to do that any time.'

"… I have no problem getting on a kid for making a decision, trying to thread the needle on a pass. Make the easiest play you can make and before you know it, the easiest play will get you a lay-up. But that one, I told Kendall, I shouldn't even have jumped him because I knew he didn't want to turn it over. I've never had a player that wanted to miss a shot. But it's just a play as a point guard that I think is an easy play to make and he didn't make it and I let my emotions get in the way. I said, ‘I think it was good for you for me to jump on you just because I'm always praising you so much.'"

What's the greatest comeback that you've ever witnessed?
"There's no question the greatest comeback I've ever seen is eight points in 17 seconds in 1974. There's no question about that. It was my first year as a high school coach and it was the only Carolina game I saw that year. Now, Carmichael held at that time about 9,000. There's 200,000 people who have said they were there, but me and wicked Wanda, we were two of them. We were not the ones leaving early. But that's the greatest comeback I've ever seen."

What's the most difficult road environment in the ACC?
"Duke is tough, there's no question, but I think it has more to do with those players than it does the arena. Virginia, when they're going, it's tough to win up there. Clemson has been tough. Every arena that you go into where the other team is pretty good is tough… Maryland has been especially tough on us since I've been back… To me, the best home court advantage that I've ever seen in 34 years of college coaching is Allen Fieldhouse and Carmichael Auditorium. I've never seen any place better than those two."

What championship ring are you wearing and do you change them often?
"I wear the same one; I don't change rings very often. But this is the ACC regular-season championship ring [from] last year. I took off the 2009 national championship ring and told this year's team I was going to wear this one because they -- a lot of those guys -- were responsible for us winning it. And yeah, I like the '05 ring better and the '09 ring better, but I also feel the loyalty to the kids on this team, and this was the first step toward a few more steps they can take."

On 2012 signee Joel James:
"We measured him at 6-10.5, but you can say 6-11 if you want to. I've seen Joel at 6-10.5 and 330 [pounds] and now I'm seeing him at 6-10.5 and 270. He's really doing a great job. He's one of the most unique youngsters, one of the funniest youngsters I've ever been around. He's going to be a joy to coach. The sky is the limit for him because he didn't even play basketball until his sophomore year in high school. I think he's a youngster that's going to get better and better as each season goes along and people are going to love him to death. But he is a big rascal."

On 2012 signee Brice Johnson:
"Similar size-wise to John. He's very thin, probably not quite as thin as John, but he has a quick bounce, can block some shots, can rebound the basketball in a crowd and will be able to score. He plays for his father. He's another guy that has a big-time upside."

On 2012 signee Marcus Paige:
"I think Marcus is the best point guard in high school basketball this year. He's a lefty – I like lefty point guards, I guess – but he's a good defender, good passer, good shooter. He understands the game. [A] 4.0 GPA student. His mother was a high school basketball coach, won a state championship. And his older sister plays on the basketball team at Wisconsin. Just really a team player and just a true, true point guard out there that's going to be a big-time player."

On 2012 signee J.P. Tokoto:
"J.P.'s an incredible athlete… He's a Vince Carter-type athlete. He gets way, way up there. He did some kind of 360 and still brought it back and whammed it on the back of his head and dunked it, too. He was almost eyeball-to-eyeball with the rim. Great family. Defensive potential is big. Athleticism. Needs to shoot the ball a little bit better and understand how important it is to make sure he doesn't turn it over.

"I think all of them have really big upsides and are wonderful kids."

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