UNC-UM: Postgame Quotes & Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes interviews with head coach Roy Williams and players following UNC's win Tuesday over Miami.


Opening Remarks:

"Well, we're extremely happy with the win. At times we were really good defensively. The ugly part was we just didn't make any shots. I said earlier that I thought we'd be a big time shooting team and we showed that earlier in the season, but we didn't show it tonight. I told the kids that I thought nine home games in a row was really good because we won nine games, but perhaps we got a little complacent and thought things were going to be easy. We really are a good shooting team, we can shoot the basketball, but we didn't shoot it well tonight and then on top of that every time we got an offensive rebound we thought it was our unalienable right to shoot it again ... we've got to have better shot selection and then make better decisions when we do get an offensive rebound...

"Dexter and Kendall, last game I talked about our big guys having great shooting percentages and this time it was Dexter and Kendall. I like that part of it, that different people can hurt you on a different night.

"All in all it's a win, and again I think defensively at times we really did some nice things, but just didn't shoot the ball as well as we'd like. It's a conference win so we're pleased and we'll enjoy this one until midnight and then start thinking about what comes next."

On a night when you don't shoot well, I'd imagine you liked that type of defensive performance ...

"Yeah, and if we get to be really consistent defensively -- you've heard the line that the defense can always show up ... Malcolm Grant is really hard to guard and I thought Dexter and Reggie really bothered him. Our defense was important to us."

Have you been encouraging Kendall to score more?

"We've said it to him all year long, but we'll take 5-of-7 from him and 7-of-9 from Dexter and think that's great. ... They are taking advantage of their opportunities. We don't need anyone -- anyone -- to look for their shot. Take the shot when it's there. If we play together, with five men working as one, everybody will get enough shots. I've always liked scoring point guards - guys named Felton and Lawson, they scoring pretty well and the team did pretty well."

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You usually approach the game as pass-first, but a lot of times tonight you were driving right through the lane to the rim ...

"It seemed a lot more open. You could see the bigs really focused on taking away my pass, so it was not a matter of trying to be more aggressive, but me trying to make the right play to help our team."

Their guards scored a lot of points against you guys last year, but you were able to hold them in check tonight ...

"First, you've got to give a lot of credit to Dex - he really got it done. Malcolm (Grant) was 2-for-8 and one of them was against me on the fast break, so you've got to give Dex a lot of credit. They are both great guards ... but I think overall me, Dexter, Reggie and Harrison did a great job defending them and slowing them down."

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How important is it for this team for the backcourt to make shots like you guys were tonight?

"Harrison had an off night tonight, he didn't hit the shots he usually did, so it was big for me and Kendall to step up and knock down shots. ... Usually they don't expect Kendall to drive, they expect him to pass, so him getting to the rack opens the floor even more. ... We actually talked about it and agreed that we should be more aggressive."

And your defense tonight, you helped hold their guards in check.

"Not just myself, me, Kendall and everyone did a great job of being aggressive, making them feel uncomfortable and keeping the pressure up. I think we all did a great job as a team."

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How much tougher are you guys to defend when Dexter and Kendall are getting to the rim like that?

"It's great. Credit to them, they play within the team, and tonight they scored a lot of points. People are starting to play Kendall so much for the pass that his offense is really going to start coming along. I'm really excited for both of them."

Been a lot of home games in a row and now you're finally hitting the road. Looking forward to it?

"We're on the road Saturday so it'll be a test. We've been at home for a long time ... I'm excited. We haven't been on the road in a while so it'll be interesting to see what that feels like again. Hopefully we can come out with a win because our last two games we came out as losers."

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