Heck Confident in UNC Staff

Outside of an in-home visit from assistant coach Chris Kapilovic, North Carolina pledge Jon Heck's UNC official visit marked his first chance to meet the Tar Heels' new coaching staff.

"I was very impressed by their entire staff, especially Coach [Larry] Fedora," Heck said. "I had already gotten a chance to meet Coach Kap' and I can't wait to play for him, but I was impressed by the rest of the staff too. I got to talk in-depth with each of them, had great talks with all of them, especially Coach Fedora.

"They were trying to sell the university – even though I'm obviously committed, they were trying to build a relationship with me, telling me about their self, and at the same time learning about me. It was a good chance for me to build a relationship with them."

Specifically with Fedora, Heck, a 6-foot-6, 270-pound offensive tackle from Jacksonville (Fla.) Bolles School, was impressed by his leadership.

"I can just tell he's a great leader," Heck said. "He had a meeting with all the parents and recruits where he put together a presentation. He was just very aggressive. I could just tell the man was a winner. I love the offense that he runs. I feel really confident that he's going to be a great coach and he's going to win ball games."

Although he's never wavered on his commitment to UNC throughout the turbulent last few months, Heck said this past weekend's official visit reaffirmed that he made the correct collegiate choice.

"I feel much better now that they've solidified the head coach," Heck said. "Now there's really not uncertainty [with the coaching staff]. I can just really enjoy getting to know these guys. Every time I go to Chapel Hill, it gets better every time. I had a great time and I feel great about my choice."

Equally pleased was Heck's father, Andy, who accompanied him on the visit and was an assistant coach at Virginia before spending the last eight years as the Jacksonville Jaguars offensive line coach.

"His exact words were: he wishes he could go to school at UNC," Heck said. "He was so impressed by the visit and the coaches that he had an absolute blast. He literally told me that he wants to go to school there."

In total, Heck has visited UNC four times throughout his recruitment. During each previous stay, he has spent a great deal of time with junior offensive lineman James Hurst. Thus, it was only natural for Hurst to be Heck's player host during his official visit.

"The first two times I visited, I felt like I was just trying to get to know people," Heck said. "But now that I know these guys, I was able to have a good time and enjoy the trip itself."

During a tour of UNC's dorms, Heck bumped into Shakeel Rashad, a mid-term enrollee and Jacksonville native who Heck developed a relationship with through the recruiting process.

"I spent about a half hour talking to [Rashard]," Heck said. "He said he loves it. He's having a blast. The way he told me about it, I can't wait to get there myself."

In addition to touring UNC's campus and football facilities, Heck's Saturday included meetings with professors, members of the academic support staff, and Kapilovic. Outside of playing offensive tackle, UNC is unsure of its game plan for Heck.

"We haven't talked too much yet whether or not I'll red-shirt, whether I'll play left or right," Heck said. "I think they'll start to figure that out a little further down the road. They've only been there for a week, so they're just starting to get to know the guys that are currently there – they haven't even seen them play yet."

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