Rogers in Constant Contact with Staff

Jessie Rogers was among the last North Carolina commitments to personally speak to a member of UNC's new coaching staff. However, Larry Fedora and his staff have made up for lost time with countless phone conversations with Rogers.

"I've been able to mainly talk to the defensive coaches and Coach Fedora," Rogers said. "I guess you could probably say that I talk to Coach [Deke] Adams a little bit more.

"They all are just trying to get to know me and build a relationship with me and my mom. We've been setting up some in-home visits."

On the first Saturday in January, Rogers, a 6-foot-4, 240-pound defensive end from Arlington (Texas) Bowie, hosted an in-home visit with UNC assistant Dave Duggan, who was in Texas for the AFCA Coaching Convention.

"He was just trying to get to know me and my family," Rogers said. "He was saying that he's new to all the UNC stuff. So we were basically getting to know each other."

A second in-home visit will take place this Thursday at Rogers' home with Fedora and Vic Koenning.

These in-home visits are essential to Rogers' recruitment, since he already took his UNC official visit under the previous regime and doesn't plan on making an unofficial visit to Chapel Hill.

During conversations with Dan Disch and Koenning, Rogers was informed that UNC will utilize a 4-2-5 defense.

"Coach Disch told me about the ‘Bandit' position – how it's a standup defensive end that has more responsibility," Rogers said. "We play a 4-2-5 at my high school, but we play a ‘Bandit' on both sides. We haven't talked about what side I'd play on [for UNC]."

UNC's new staff has left a positive impression on Rogers.

"I was just really hoping that they would be chilled and relaxed, and that's actually what I got from them," Rogers said. "They just seem like some real cool dudes to be coached by. They're all laid back and they all have a country side to them, which reminds me of home. I don't really see a drop off from the old coaching staff."

Although he never wavered, Rogers says getting to know the new staff has strengthed his verbal commitment.

"It was a little shaky at one point," Rogers said of UNC's situation. "But just to get to know that I'm going to be in good hands makes me feel good."

In spite of his lack of wavering, outside schools have attempted to steer Rogers away from UNC.

"At one point, Boise State and schools in the Big 12 tried to talk to me," Rogers said. "But with most schools that wasn't too much, because I told my coach to handle it and tell them I wasn't trying to deal with it. But a school like Missouri really tried to get at me and get me to de-commit. But I was just sticking with North Carolina. I didn't want to tempt myself with a visit, because this was the best decision that I could have ever made."

Rogers's strong feelings towards UNC was in part because of his mid-September official visit.

"Whenever I was talking to my mom as we were going through the recruiting process, she would always tell me that there would be that one school that I would feel is right for me," Rogers said. "We visited a whole bunch of other schools on unofficial [visits] and I just never got a good feeling or good vibe, until I went up to North Carolina. When I saw all the things they were doing, how chilled and relaxed the environment was, and how the team welcomed me. It's hard that it's so far away from my mom, but in the end this is the best decision for me."

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