Thomason: 'I Felt At Home'

Justin Thomason reflected on his official visit and his decision to become a Tar Heel in an interview with

Why did you choose North Carolina?

"I liked the coaches and the facilities and I guess I felt at home."

Heading into the visit, did you envision making a verbal commitment?

"I did, just because of all the offers I had, I had the most contact and best relationships with those coaches."

When did you actually decide ‘This is where I want to be?'

"Probably when I stepped foot in the stadium and walked through the stadium with the head coach. I just knew I wanted to be there."

You were considering official visits for this coming weekend. Are going to take another trip or are you truly finished?

"Nope, I'm done."

What did you do during your official visit?

"I hung out with the middle linebacker, Kevin Reddick, my host. And I saw some of the players and we ate well. We toured the campus, I stayed in a nice hotel, and I just had a great time. I talked to Coach [Deke] Adams, the D-line coach, and Coach [Larry] Fedora."

Do you have any idea why UNC paired you with Reddick, as opposed to someone from Georgia or your position?

"They said he's the leader of the team and they expected me to be the leader eventually on the defense."

What was it like spending time with Reddick?

"He showed me around the city and he just talked to me about the way he wants to go out his senior year with a bang. He talked to me about how I don't need to be afraid to come in and make an impact on the defense."

Who accompanied you on the visit and what were their thoughts?

"My parents came with me. They loved it. For not being at home, it wasn't too far away. We drove and it was five and a half hours, which wasn't bad. The education was a no-brainer, so they were excited."

What did Deke Adams discuss with you when you met with him?

"He talked about just some of the drills they do in practice and how he sees me in their system."

When you met with Larry Fedora, what did you discuss?

"He just talked about where he sees me at weight-wise, defense-wise, and impact-wise. He said he was excited that I'm here."

How does UNC plan on utilizing you within its 4-2-5 defense?

"They wanted to use me as a bandit type, but they might like me at end – it depends on how much I weigh coming into camp."

What is the game plan in regards to when you're expected to see the field?

"They said freshman year if I do what I'm supposed to. That's great. I want to come in as a true freshman and play."

This was your first visit to the campus. What were your impressions?

"I thought it was big and it was an amazing place. There were big buildings and great history. And it's in a great town."

How does it feel that you know where you're going to be signing on Feb. 1?

"It feels great. I feel relieved."

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