'Awesome' UNC Visit for Culp

Brad Culp's decision to move up his North Carolina official trip by a few days didn't lessen the impact of the visit.

"It was awesome," Culp said. "I had a great time. The campus and the facilities, they're better than what I expected to be honest. And the stadium – they have that new ‘Blue Zone' – that's legit. They took me around the campus and introduced me to some of the coaches and a bunch of the players and everybody seemed nice.

"I'm looking forward to making a choice on Signing Day. I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do."

Besides seeing the campus and meeting the coaching staff, Culp's UNC official visit resulted in a clear understand understanding of the status of a UNC scholarship offer.

"They told me I have an offer," Culp said.

On Signing Day, Culp, a 6-foot-2, 180-pound wide receiver from Fayetteville (Ark.), will choose between Mississippi and UNC – the only two schools he has officially visited.

"It's kind of a 50-50 deal," Culp said. "I'm not too sure which one I'm going to pick. I still have to talk it over with my parents. But, I'll have my decision made by Signing Day.

"I went to both campuses and I was thinking the whole time, ‘Would I want to spend four years here of my life.' It's going to be a tough decision honestly, because I like both campuses."

Culp officially visited Ole Miss the weekend prior to his trip to UNC.

"North Carolina, its school was nicer," Culp said. "I like the coaches better that's for sure. At Ole Miss, they had a great stadium – their stadium was awesome."

Culp's parents weren't able to accompany him on his UNC official trip because of work obligations, but they joined him in Ole Miss. In their absence, Culp's brother-in-law joined him in Chapel Hill.

Culp originally was expected to officially visit Chapel Hill this weekend. However, a weekend-long track meet forced him to begin his UNC official trip late Wednesday night.

The negative of visiting mid-week meant a limited time with the UNC coaching staff. The coach he spent the most time with was Blake Anderson, UNC's offensive coordinator.

"He's an awesome coach and a great guy," Culp said. "We just talked about football. He showed me the offense he's going to run, asking me a bunch of questions about my personal life, and how things are going."

On Friday, Culp met with Gunter Brewer, UNC's wide receivers coach and his primary recruiter.

"He showed me some videos of him training Dez Bryant and Justin Blackmon," Culp said. "He's a legitimate coach. I think he's the real deal."

Before ending his official visit Friday afternoon, Culp met with Larry Fedora.

"He was just telling me about how they're going to win these next few years," Culp said.

Junior quarterback Bryn Renner was Culp's player host throughout his stay.

"He's a good guy," Culp said. "It seems like he's going to be in the NFL, from what I hear from the coaches. So it's pretty awesome to spend time with him and maybe play with him."

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