Singleton: 'I'm Going to be a Tar Heel'

Before completing his official visit this weekend, Kendrick Singleton gave the Tar Heel staff his commitment. After departing Chapel Hill, the Glen St. Mary (Fla.) Baker County wide receiver discussed his decision with

You began your UNC official visit as a Middle Tennessee commitment. What transpired to have you leave as a Tar Heel commitment?

"Once I'd seen the place, I realized it's a great place to be. Once I'd seen the place, once I met all the coaches, once I met the players and saw what it was like at North Carolina, that's when I said, ‘Man, you know, I went to Middle Tennessee and I met the coaches and met the players, but I didn't really feel at home.' But at North Carolina, I felt at home and I could foresee myself here. And the education was phenomenal. I said, ‘You know what? It's done. I'm going to be a Tar Heel.'"

What role did the coaching staff play in your decision?

"They were just being honest with me the entire time. They were answering all my questions and being straightforward. We were talking about normal stuff other than football. I just felt they were there for me. I just felt this is the place I need to be."

You took the visit not knowing if they were going to offer you. When did they extend the offer?

"When I got there Friday and we were at dinner with Coach Dan Disch, Gunter Brewer, and Walt Bell, all of us were sitting at my table and we were just talking. Coach [Larry] Fedora walked over and touched my shoulder and he said, ‘Kendrick, are you ready to become a Tar Heel.' I said, ‘Yes sir, I am.' He told me I had the scholarship and gave me my offer letter, and that's all she wrote."

You had a rule where you wouldn't officially visit schools that hadn't offered you. Are you glad that you broke that rule for this weekend?

"I'm happy. God works in mysterious ways. I made that exception and I never knew it was going to happen that way. I just thank God to allow me to make that exception."

Was there a particular coach that you spent a lot of time with while you were there?

"I spent a lot of time with Coach Larry Fedora and had a meeting with him [Sunday] morning, as a matter of fact, before I got on a plane and flew back. It was nice talking to him."

Did you get a chance to spend time with Gunter Brewer, UNC's wide receivers coach?

"Yes, I spent a whole bunch of time with him. He was just telling me about how my bulkiness and my size will really help us out. He said I could pretty much play all of the receiver positions – he told me to come in and learn them all. He told me he's very confident in me and very, very excited to have me on this squad."

Who was your player host for the weekend and what was it like spending time with him?

"Sean Tapley – he's from Jacksonville. It felt good talking to someone that has gone through what I'm going to go through. It was good talking to him about his past years. He comes from the area that I'm from, so I was just asking him different things that I really, really want to know and he answered the questions thoroughly. I knew him and Sam Smiley before the visit – I played against both of those guys. I didn't know them real well like I do now."

Did anyone accompany you on the visit?

"No sir. No one else could make it. I went up there by myself."

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