Adam Boone offseason update

Adam Boone

On Tuesday night, Adam Boone continued his play in the Howard Pulley Pro Am League in St. Paul, Minnesota. Adam played with Chicago Lake Liquors, and going into the game with Monmouth, Adam was averaging 15.3 points per game, playing two games with the CLL squad as well as two games with other teams because of roster adjustments.

Physically, Adam looked good, and he told me he had put on 12 to 15 pounds of muscle since this time last year. Adam looks like he has built up both his upper and lower body significantly. Adam looked to beat his man off the dribble often and was successful in doing so. He was also big down the stretch, hitting 4 free throws and a hanging jumper in the lane to keep the game tied. CLL, which also featured two future Minnesota Gophers Rick Rickert and Moe Hargrow, ended up winning the game by two over Monmouth, featuring current Gopher Shane Schilling and Ben Johnson, who recently transferred from Northwestern.

All told, Adam finished with 19 points, shooting 5/12 from the field, 1/3 from 3-point range, and 8/10 from the line. He added 3 rebounds, 3 assists, and a steal.

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