Signing Day Quotables: New Staff, New Schemes

Today's Tar Heel signees weigh in with their thoughts on North Carolina's new coaches and the offensive and defensive systems they have brought with them to Chapel Hill.

Kedrick Davis

"When the new coaches came and I learned what type of offense they ran, I was more excited, because the offense favored me more. [Coach Larry Fedora] said, ‘Be ready to catch a lot of balls because we're going to throw the ball around.' Coach [Gunter] Brewer and Coach Fedora had a big impact [on my decision to stick with UNC]. They both just bring a lot of energy. I could see myself learning from them, being with them the next four or five years, and I feel they have what it takes to get me as a young man where I need to be in life."

John Ferranto

"Individually, Coach [Chris Kapilovic] seems like a great coach that I can learn a lot from. He went over a film session with me. Just from that small time with him, I feel like I can learn a lot from him. I got a chance to speak to Coach Fedora a couple of times. He really impressed me. He's really excited, very enthusiastic. I'm really excited to be able to play for him."

Jon Heck

"I was very impressed by their entire staff, especially Coach Fedora. Coach Kap' - I can't wait to play for him, but I was impressed by the rest of the staff too. The one thing [Kapilovic] said that I really liked was even though they're a spread team, they still put a big emphasis on running the ball and averaged over 200 yards a game rushing. They run a lot of inside zone stuff, a lot of no huddle, quick passes – I can't wait. … I had great talks with all of them, especially Coach Fedora. I can just tell he's a great leader. He had a meeting with all the parents and recruits where he put together a presentation. He was just very aggressive. I could just tell the man was a winner. I love the offense that he runs. I feel really confident that he's going to be a great coach and he's going to win ball games."

Joseph Jackson

"Coach Fedora is my homeboy. … If anything it excited me even more with Coach Fedora and defensive coordinator Coach [Dan] Disch coming in. Once I got to see Coach Disch, once I got to see Coach Fedora, and they sat down and talked to me, I knew right then at that moment that this was probably the place. Plus, they're bringing in a new style of defense that really plays to my ability. I felt it was the best place for me. [Disch] said he's going to run a fast paced defense that I would fit great into."

Tyreece Jiles

"It came easy, because the coaches answered all my questions and made it to where it wasn't shaky. The [coaching transition] wasn't really difficult, because they made me feel comfortable. Coach Disch and Coach Fedora kept up with me all the time … I quickly got comfortable with them. We talk every day now."

Terrance Knox

"Coach [Gunter] Brewer is a real straightforward guy. He seems like a good person and I built a pretty good relationship with him in a short period of time. He's a great people person, he wants to get to know you, and he wants you to get to know him. He seems like a pretty good coach. We were just talking about the new offense that they're going to be putting in – the spread offense. It's going to be a fast paced offense. It should be pretty exciting. It's going to be a show on the field next year. I'm ready for it."

Dan Mastromatteo

"I really like [Coach David Duggan] as a coach and as a person. He's been to my house twice and he's been calling me as much as he can. We've really formed a really good relationship. That really helped me with everything that happened. Coach Fedora has been to my house and he really finalized it all, but Coach Duggan is a great guy and a guy I look forward to playing for."

Caleb Peterson

"Coach Kap' and I got to know each other over a period of three years, because they recruited my brother first to Southern Miss and then he recruited me for two years on top of that. He's a really great guy and he knows his stuff. He has a great sense of humor – he has some really good comebacks and it gets them fast, too. He's just a good guy. I really enjoy his company and he's the type of coach that I want."

Shakeel Rashad

"[My conversation with Fedora] definitely reinforced everything I was told. He's exciting, he has a lot of energy, and he loves the game of football. [Disch] sounds like a great guy. I've heard all great things about him. He sounded the same way Coach Fedora did – excited about football, ready to play, very energetic. My conversations with him have been great and then from people that have known him from other schools, they said that they loved him, too. Getting these coaches really excited me. They are great coaches … everything I've heard from everyone has been great. I'm just really excited."

Jessie Rogers

"I was just really hoping that they would be chilled and relaxed, and that's actually what I got from them. They just seem like some real cool dudes to be coached by. They're all laid back and they all have a country side to them, which reminds me of home. I don't really see a drop off from the old coaching staff."

Malik Simmons

"It was just [Disch's] spirit and the way he is. He just always talked about going all out and having fun on the field and pretty much going crazy on defense – and that's what I like to hear and that's how I like to play. And then I saw it in his face and in his eyes. They feel like they could bring the program up – and I believe them."

Kendrick Singleton

"Larry Fedora, that's a great coach. It's an honor for me to be recruited by those guys. Coach Dan Disch, he has been there for me throughout the entire recruiting process. I had a good bond with the coaches [at Southern Miss]. I felt like they could teach me… I spent a lot of time with them. That's when I got to thinking, ‘These are real good guys and I trust them.'"

Nathan Staub

"I know [Fedora's] a very successful coach. I've watched one or two interviews with him. He seems like a great guy. He's obviously a great coach with what he did with a mid-major and putting them in the top 25 – that's really impressive. I'm glad I chose North Carolina. I think Coach Fedora and his staff are going to do great things. I'm excited to be a part of it."

James Summers

"(Fedora will bring UNC) a lot of greatness. He's a good man and he brings in good kids. His whole personality will set a whole 'nother mood through Carolina. And I think the Carolina people will like him a lot. He's fired up. He's a nice guy when he sits on your couch, but I can tell he'll be tough on the field so I'm ready for that, too."

Damien Washington

"[Fedora] was just talking about what Southern Miss runs, how he was going to throw the ball a lot, and spread it out. That means we're going to sling the ball around and everybody is going to touch it. [The defense] can't be keying on one person, because everybody is in the mix. … I know at Carolina, Coach Fedora is going to do big things."

Phillip Williamson

"They all have a good personality and good energy. I like how it feels like a family, even though I'm still trying to get to know everybody. I just get a good vibe. When I talk to Coach Duggan, I can tell he has a good heart. He told me he's going to help me on and off the field and after college. [Fedora] is a laid back guy, but he's also energetic. He has a joking side and he seems to have a lot of fun with what he does – I like that about him. And he's about winning."

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